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Take Care of Yourself Review

I was sent this advert recently by my dad who said it would be a good one for me to review so here we are on a Saturday with a bonus review!

This advert is a sweet one and it will definitely move you if family is a very important thing for you at Christmas. It follows an elderly man who decides one day to start working out so he has a kettle bell in his outhouse and every day he simply squats down, lifts the kettle bell up, pushes it out from his chest, and puts it down again.

Over this time we see him slowly waking up later in later in the day as if he can’t keep going with this regime and the people around him, his neighbours and his family questioning what he’s doing it for, but then the big moment happens and we realise why it’s so important to him.

He goes to his family‘s for Christmas and he is able to pick up his granddaughter and help her put the star on the top of the tree, something most people at his age probably wouldn’t be able to do. So while this is an advert about health and fitness and staying active and well it’s also a lovely advert about making the most of the time you have with your family while you still can and while you’re still able to.

I think in the world that we live in today it’s so easy to give up. You get to a certain age or you get to a certain milestone and you think ‘oh well I’m 30 now so what’s the point in trying?’ ‘I’m 50, what’s the point in trying something new?’ but at any age you can do great things, you just have to believe in yourself and I think this advert really shows that with the health and fitness side.

But this can be connected to anything in your life. If you want to take up music or art or driving you can because there is no age limit on doing anything and I think it’s so sweet to see this man doing something that is obviously good for him but good for his family too, because it makes him feel so warm and happy knowing that he’s active and there with his grandchildren.

This was a lovely advert and I’m very happy that it was recommended to me. It really does touch your heart and make you think about your family at Christmas and even if you don’t have grandparents or parents anymore it makes you remember who they were and how lucky you were to spend those days with them. So watch the advert here and let me know what you think, but I for one definitely loved it and it certainly touched my heart.

Until next time.

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