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Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Review

This was a very clever advert and I can imagine a lot of kids who don’t already have Disney+ screaming at their parents to get it.

In this advert we see a young girl iceskating with the O2 robot that we have seen plenty of other marketing around, but interestingly this advert seems to pair itself with Disney because they are offering a years worth of Disney+ on the network which is very interesting and a good marketing ploy especially as at Christmas that is the time for the Disney movies to come out and for you to reminisce of better times in the past.

It was a perfectly fine advert, very traditional, very proper, but it just didn’t spark any excitement in me. I felt the song choice was a little strange as well it’s a song called Happier and the lyrics speak of someone who wants their partner to be happier but they cannot let them go themselves and it just seemed to be a bit misplaced and just a bit strange to me.

This wasn’t one of the better Christmas adverts but I think what they really shoehorned in at the end makes it because, as I said at the start, if you don’t have Disney+ and your kids see this advert then they’re going to be asking for it and I mean you can’t say no to a child can you?

What the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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