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This is M&S Christmas Food Review

So is this how the middle and upper-class live!

Marks & Spencer always know how to put on a good show with their food and this was no exception. The filled Yorkshire puddings looked incredible and I want five.

It’s a shame because Marks & Spencer is a wonderful food place. Crazily, in my first year of uni because I was so good with budgeting I was able to mainly only eat Marks & Spencer food and it was so delicious and you could see the difference between, for example, their chicken versus a lower supermarkets chicken and that’s not me being snooty that’s just the truth.

But I feel most people wouldn’t be able to shop at Marks & Spencer because it is just very expensive. But that’s the whole thing with them, it’s all very lavish, very posh, very over the top and delicious and so if you ever are in Marks & Spencer‘s and you see their food on sale grab it because it will be the nicest food you’ll ever have tasted.

But back to the advert, it was a very good and I’m still thinking about those Yorkshire puddings now! I’m not a big fan of panettone but I would shove that whole thing of my in my mouth if I could. This advert definitely had the desired effect on me and while I may not be able to afford Marks & Spencer’s food for Christmas I will certainly be going through the catalogue on their website to see just what they do and imagine my perfect Christmas.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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