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Debenhams Christmas Advert 2020

I won’t lie I can imagine this advert will get real old, real quick.

Debenhams is a shop that I like shopping at because they have lots of brands that I buy all in one place, so when you’re thinking of buying online this makes free delivery options easier to achieve and also you get all the offers at the same place. So for me, Debenhams is a shop that I will shop at anyway, and if I saw this advert and didn’t shop there I don’t think it would inspire me to. Like the Argos one I’ve mentioned before it was too on the nose with ‘we sell Tiffany and nice shoes and pretty lipstick’ and it was just too obvious with its whole gifting and capitalist sort of side.

As I said with other reviews of Christmas adverts I like the ones that inspire you to think of Christmas and tradition and family and coming together rather then ‘buy stuff!’. I feel we are slowly turning into a society where especially for people my age presents don’t matter as much and while it’s lovely to gift people presents that you think they will love, it’s also great just to be able to spend time with them and worry about presents less, because really material things don’t matter and I think 2020 has really proven that.

It was a good advert. It was concise and it was on brand with Debenhams but it just didn’t inspire me at all. If I didn’t shop there already I wouldn’t have started shopping there after seeing this advert unfortunately. But watch it here and let me know what you think, maybe I’m just taking a stance that isn’t common with the everyday people.

Until next time.

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