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The Crown Season 3 Review

I saw online that a lot of people didn’t enjoy this season due to the casting change and the topics, they all found it quite boring but in comparison to season two I actually prefer this one.

I will admit with the casting change that happened I had gotten used to the cast that we had seen in the first two seasons but it made sense as the family would be growing older so to must the actors that are within the tv show. I felt the actors that were chosen to replace the original were wonderful choice and really got into their role very quickly and shined at it.

So let’s look at the season storyline. Now for season two I thought it was too much about Philip and Elizabeth’s relationship whereas this one felt like it had so much more happening to it. With the children growing older and Charles’ issues to Princess Anne becoming more herself and just stories that happened in the singular episodes just felt so strong and were things that I had heard about but never really experienced myself as they were before I was born.

For example the Wales tragedy that happened. I have been to the site where it happened and it’s absolutely insane to even begin to fathom what happened there and what those people went through, but to see it dramatised on TV was another thing entirely and really made me think back to the time when I was there and saw those crosses up on the hill and thought how immense this event was. It was moments like that in this season that I really enjoyed and there were parts that I went on and researched in my own time because I just found it so fascinating and wanted to know more.

I quite enjoyed this season. I don’t think it holds a candle to season one but it was definitely better than season two, but I do wonder how season four will fair as Diana is such a big part of peoples lives. It will be fascinating to see how she comes into it especially as Charles, whom we have started to learn about more and understand from this season seems to be an underdog, a black sheep almost who just wants love and some attention from his mother that he just isn’t getting. It almost makes you feel bad for Charles but watching documentaries about Diana it’s very hard to feel that way about him. So I do hope that season four will shed more light on this because it is a fascinating storyline and I do like how it is moving away from the Queen and Philip a bit and heading more to the children because their lives are just beginning so there is so much more to delve into there.

What did you think of season three?

Until next time.

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