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Ocean’s 8 Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie until one character turned up and that one character soiled the rest of this film for me.

Ocean’s 8 is a new take on the original Oceans films. Just for clarity, I haven’t seen any of the Oceans films and so this is the first time I watched but I’m quite glad that, that is how it worked out based on my first thoughts on this idea that you can read here.

Within this movie we follow a group of women headed by Sandra Bullock who plan to steal a $150 million necklace from the neck of a celebrity at the Met Gala. What I liked about this movie was the realism of it, so a lot of people that you saw during the Met Gala scenes were real celebrities which made it very believable and very enjoyable to watch.

And alongside that, the actual heist and the thought processes and all the intricacies that went into it were also so fascinating to watch. I love these sorts of things! There was a show on the BBC awhile back called Hustle which was very similar to this sort of theme, which is just brilliant and I love how in-depth and how many layers this sort of heist can take.

So for two thirds of the movie I thought this was fantastic. I really enjoyed it and I loved seeing the different layers and the different ways that these women worked together to pull off such an incredible heist.

But then James Corden turned up…

James Corden was a brilliant guy during his Gavin and Stacey years but recently you can’t watch a movie without him being involved in some way or another and it’s so annoying. Seeing his face pop-up on my screen ruined it for me, I lost all my emersion because I was so annoyed that he had been cast and maybe that’s me being biased against him but I think the amount of movies that this man has been in is ridiculous and he needs to have a day off because it’s just getting too much now.

I really question his morals about why he does so many movies. It can’t be that he loves the craft, I see him as a money hungry monkey who is being told to dance by every director in Hollywood and will gladly do so. I loved this movie up until he appeared and it’s such a shame that he could jump in and put such a dark cloud over such a fantastic film.

I would definitely watch it again and would recommend it to others but my hatred that I have for James Corden seems to run so deep that even just seeing him pop-up in the movie for literally the last half an hour can ruin it for me. I wish he would just stop for a while.

What do you think of Ocean’s 8?

Until next time.

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