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Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You Review

While I may not be the biggest Ariana Grande fan out there, what she brings to her fans is undeniable and she is a diamond in a very rough world.

Within this documentary we see the Sweetener tour and we get to see from both the concert side and the behind-the-scenes side where Ariana goes through her usual itinerary, but we also get to see a more human side to her where she jokes about with her dancers and bandmates and has moments that are very raw and open and just shows us that she too is a human like the rest of us.

From a marketing standpoint I find it really interesting how in this, because this was before the Positions album, she still comes across so young when she is now 27. In the show she is still wearing her cutesy outfits and looks that she would’ve been wearing five years ago when her career was first taking off and it’s so fascinating to see that this is her signature look. For me I would love to see her as more of the adult that she is and I’m kind of grateful for the album Positions because it gives her a new voice and a new way of going that is a bit more adult, a bit more risky, and just seems to work better with me and seems to be something she enjoys to do.

However moving past that there was a moment that really took me by surprise and I found quite sweet. Throughout the show you noticed some of her male facing dancers wearing high heels or outfits that are more commonly seen on female dancers than male, and it was so nice to see this and have these people wear what they were comfortable dancing in and wear what they wanted to show to people.

This came to a head in Thank You, Next when the male facing dancer I mentioned came out wearing a skirt along with all the female dancers. He did have shorts underneath to protect modesty but it was so refreshing to see him up there living his best life wearing the same outfit as the rest of the dancers on stage. It was just so nice to have that representation shown to such a large scale of people, to let them know that if you’re into this way of dressing it’s perfectly natural, it’s perfectly fine and it’s okay with one of your biggest idols.

I think Ariana is a person who comes across so genuine and so sweet and sincere but also stands for so much more. She stands for people coming together and not ostracising anyone and letting people be exactly who they want to be and I think that’s such a good message to bring to younger people. To let them know that it is okay to be who you want to be and you shouldn’t shy away from that, you should let whoever you are shine through and be confident and I think that’s such a great message to have especially when the world can seem so bleak and dark. To have that one ray of sunshine is great to have.

I really enjoyed this concert documentary mashup. It was enjoyable, it was fun, it didn’t last too long and you really got to know Ariana and the people around her too. Although I’m not the biggest Ariana fan I do enjoy her music and so it was definitely a concert I could sit through and enjoy, so maybe if her music isn’t your type of music you won’t enjoy it, but if you like pop and fun and campiness then I definitely think this would be right up your street.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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