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Big Mouth Season 4 Review

I was unfortunately disappointed by this season and I don’t think I’m the one to blame.

Big Mouth season four follows the same old characters that we know and love as we get to dive deeper into them, especially the side characters like Lola who has always been a part of the show but has never really been much of a frontal character. The season starts off with the kids at camp and then moves into them being back at school, and while it had some good moments and it did make me chuckle in parts overall I did not enjoy this season.

The part I did enjoy was the mosquito anxiety bug. They show anxiety as a mosquito, mosquitoes are known to be annoying and to stick around you and to buzz in your ear and all that sort of stuff, so to describe anxiety as that when anxiety is something that eats away at you and makes you constantly worry and think about what you’ve done in the past, it was a great analogy but that’s kind of where the great analogy stopped.

Usually this show is very clever with how they talk about sex and sex education for younger people whereas in this season it just seem like they cared more about cheap jokes and shock value and didn’t really care about the actual education of what they were talking about. For one episode they showed Jessie wearing a pad into a lake and then this pad obviously comes out of her swimsuit because it doesn’t work like that and it sucks up all the water in the lake and while that’s quite a funny visual gag if I was watching that and I had just got my first period and wanted to go swimming the thought of this happening would terrify me in case I ended up in a similar situation.

I feel the show has gone down more of a comedic route rather than a comedic educational route that they used to be down before. I would watch the earlier seasons and think they should show this in schools to explain, in a way that kids will relate to, sex and consent and puberty and all that whereas now watching this season I didn’t even see any real benefit from it, it just seemed to completely change its course and I didn’t enjoy that at all.

While I have praised the previous seasons so highly this is definitely not one that I would recommend to watch again it’s such a shame as the show just seems to have gone down a path that I just don’t think it should’ve. It could’ve been so good because the anxiety mosquito was a great idea but honestly this season has made me wonder whether, if they bring out more seasons in the future, I’ll watch them or not because it just did not inspire me or keep me engaged or entertained at all. It was just another silly comedy adult cartoon show.

But what do you think of Big Mouth season four?

Until next time.

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