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The Prom Review

I really wasn’t planning on watching this movie. It’s not the sort of movie I go for usually but as I write this review I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes at how much it blew me away.

The Prom follows four actors who have recently lost their jobs or who have always been side-lined and need a reason to be shining stars again. So they believe if they do some charity work people will see them in a better light so they will get more work in Broadway. They find a young girl whose prom has been cancelled because she wants to bring her girlfriend along to the prom and as this is a very Christian town they do not allow it.

As with any musical this movie is very camp, very positive, and just a wonderful ride to be on. It does seem long and it does have a long run time being over two hours but I still enjoyed it and found each moment to be as valuable as the last. There was always something to watch, something going on, and to see the progression of the story was also well done. I really give credit to the director (Ryan Murphy) despite me not having the best relationship with him.

So of course we have to talk about the music and the music is absolutely incredible! It’s so punchy, so clever, so inspiring! Each song has its own moment that really makes you connect to it and it just flows so well. It really took me back to my days at drama school and putting on performances and how much fun they were to do, so I can just imagine how much fun this movie was to make because it was such a joy to watch.

Next we have to talk about the costumes because they were incredible. They all made sense to the character, they were incredibly strong and especially in the final prom scene, to come together in this gorgeous setting that looks like a dream prom and all the outfits were bright and colourful and fun, it all just work so well together. You could tell that a lot of care and attention was taken with this area and I’m so glad it was because it just elevated this movie to another level.

But the most important part of the story is of course the gay storyline. We see a few in this movie and we get to hear a lot of different stories from different people about how others reacted to them coming out or how it’s a change that has moulded their lives. It was so interesting to hear it put so bluntly and so plainly. It’s hard sometimes to be yourself and not have to worry what other people say or think especially when those people are the closest ones to you, but it’s better to be yourself then to hide away and be someone you’re not just because you’re worried of other people.

If anything, this movie just gave me more want to be my truest self. To be exactly who I want to be and not care what anyone else thinks, because why should someone else’s opinion matter? This movie was absolutely fantastic. It’s the perfect way to end 2020 and the best way to start 2021 and I cannot recommend it enough. It was absolutely beautiful, it was brilliant and I’d happily watch it again and again.

If you need a pick me up or if you’re having a down day and need some happiness just listen to the soundtrack or watch the movie. This film is so good and I never expected myself to say that as a person who loves more gritty films. I don’t like happy stories usually but this one took me by surprise and I’m so glad I decided to watch it.

What do you think of The Prom?

Until next time.

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