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Most Watched YouTube Videos of 2020!

Today I have decided to do a different type of post. Yesterday I reviewed my Most Read Reviews of 2020 and today I want to plug my YouTube channel and go through my top watched videos of 2020!

Huge Black Friday Clothes Haul

My most watched video of 2020 was my huge Black Friday clothes haul. Throughout 2020 it was a year of fitness and health and so when Black Friday came along and I could get some good discounts on clothes that I desperately needed from losing weight I jumped at the chance. This video includes New Look, Gym Shark, and Myprotein.

Primark Haul Summer 2020

Once again another clothes haul that I desperately needed due to my weight loss. This was the video that I found out I had not lost just one dress size from April to August but in fact two dress sizes which is absolutely incredible!

Why I Quit 5×5 Weight Training

As a newbie to the gym I was recommended the 5×5 weight training program which is where you do five sets of five reps of different weights and up the weight every time. After six weeks of doing this program I quit and in this video I explained why. Watch it to find out whether 5×5 weight training is the right fit for you.

Why I Suck at YouTube

This was my first video back to the YouTube scene back in April and it looks at why I suck at being a YouTuber and how I want to do better and improve and honestly throughout this year I do think I have.

Lean in Lockdown: Losing One Stone

As I’ve said, I started a new fitness journey in 2020 and I lost a stone in weight during lockdown and I was very proud of that, so I did a video all about how I did it and how you can do it too.

Couch to 5k: My Journey

Couch to 5k is a free app that helps you go from sitting on the couch and being lazy to running 5k in nine weeks. It is absolutely brilliant and was such a great start for my fitness journey so I wanted to share my experience with you to see if it’s something that you would like to take up in your 2021.

Christmas Q&A

As Christmas came around I wanted to talk about my Christmas traditions that myself and my family do. This one was quite emotional so if you’d like more of a heart-to-heart I definitely recommend this video.

Healthy What I Eat in a Day

Want some pointers on what you should be eating to be a bit more healthier? Well I filmed one of my daily food diaries to show you exactly what I eat to help my weight loss and give you some ideas of how you could lose weight in 2021.

Are Dating Apps Ruining Relationships?

A topical piece that I find really fascinating and really wanted to talk about. Are dating apps ruining relationships and are they making us more superficial as people? A very fascinating video that looks into dating apps and how they could affect your relationships in the future.

And finally

GRWM: Christmas Zoom Party Look

A fail of a video I will admit but a very fun one to film. My Christmas Zoom party look is glamorous with the classic bold eyes and red lip and just the perfect look for any sort of party. I really recommend this one if you love a good glam makeup look.

And there we have it! My top 10 YouTube videos of 2020. As we go into 2021 I do want to do more YouTube videos, I have plenty planned and I’m very excited to keep it up so please do subscribe. I’m hoping to hit 100 subscribers in 2021 and I would be so grateful if you could subscribe and watch some of my videos, you might find something you enjoy!

Until next time.

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