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Death to 2020 Review

Because if you don’t laugh you’ll just end up crying.

Death to 2020 looks back at the last year and everything that’s happened during it in a comedic way that doesn’t skimp out on all the nitty-gritty scary details either. We follow bushfires to Biden to lockdown to police brutality and it’s a rollercoaster that really shows you can almost forget certain moments because so much happened.

This was all told through actors who were playing different people, from historians to random soccer mums to scientists, they were all people from different aspects of the world and we got to see it through their eyes in a very comedic fashion. This had a lot of moments that really did make me laugh out loud and while it was quite scary to look back on and think ‘look at what we had to deal with’ it was also quite fun to just take the mick out of it for a moment.

But at the end they asked people for their learnings from 2020 and so I thought I’d include mine. 2020 was a year of self understanding and self love. Having to spend time with yourself and learning who you really are and what strengths you have inside. It’s about your survival and making the most of every day because when that’s all taken away from you, you really realise how important it all actually is.

2020 for me was the year of health. With everything going on I wanted to make sure I was in the top shape of my life so I lost over two stone and I’m still heading towards my goal weight. I started exercising more, I start eating more fruit and vegetables, I haven’t been sick at all this year which I’m quite amazed at and I just want to make my body the healthiest it can be so that if I ever do get seriously ill I can fight it off.

2020 was a year that felt like it went on for a decade but also seemed to pass by so fast. The concept of time just didn’t exist anymore and once we’re all allowed to go back to some normality I think it’ll take us all a while to just get used to it again. It’s been a whirlwind ride and we should all just be so proud that we made it through and are now in 2021 and can look towards a brighter future.

What did you learn from 2020?

Until next time.

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