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Dredd Review

Did this movie feature the first ever Instagram filter?

Dredd is set in a dystopian future where the police have gone a bit crazy and are now judge, jury, and executioner with any cases that they come across. In the movie we are subjected to a drug bust that goes wrong when the criminals are not too happy to be giving up their business. Dredd is assigned a rookie, a newbie, on the force to see if she can handle it but this newbie is special because she is psychic.

I am going to speak of this movie from the eyes of a mid 20s woman. I did not enjoy this movie much and I didn’t really get it either. It’s almost like it’s trying to say that these police vigilantes are the good guys when really if the police force got to a level where they could decide who lives and who dies immediately, without a jury, without it going to court or any of that I would be terrified because you know they would use their powers to create a world exactly how they would want it.

I feel this movie appeals to the male fantasy of power and corruption and being able to dish out your own justice regardless of who you are and I think that’s just not a storyline for me. I do not see it that way, I see it as men who are taking their power and abusing it to hurt civilians and the amount of people that were killed from both sides in this movie was insane.

I also find it strange how brutal but also comic-like the movie was. You have people being killed left, right, and centre but the blood was so bright red it almost looked like strawberry jam coming out of them. When it was in the slow motion with the drugs the way people were being shot and killed the CGI looked awful and all the corpses looked like rubber. It was like they had raided a sex toy shop instead of a drug bust!

But then there were some gorgeous shots too like when Mama was thrown from her room and is falling down the different levels it was gorgeous! It was so beautiful and crisp and really cinematic, it was strange too that this movie had so many different directing styles to it in just one hour and a half film.

Personally I wouldn’t watch this movie again and I wouldn’t really recommend it either. I think with all the police brutality that’s been going on these days it was quite a hard watch and seeing so many civilians die just because of where they lived was very hard too. So maybe this movie isn’t as dystopian as it makes out.

What do you think of Dredd?

Until next time.


  1. Really interesting take on a film I admittedly enjoy. I’ve clearly compartmentalized it but you make a valid point about art preemptively imitating life, especially nowadays.


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