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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Review

I never finished this movie as a child because I found it too scary and even as an adult now that wicked witch is a terrifying beast!

So Snow White was the first Disney Princess movie and so she kind of holds the crown for being the one that started it all. While that’s wonderful, I have to admit that it was made in a time where things were a lot different so is quite a hard watch in this day and age.

I know it’s a fairy tale so of course it’s going to be otherworldly but for her to just rock up at a house and clean it and the dwarfs to be hunky-dory with her seemed a bit strange to me. Also the fact that for most of this movie she did treat the men who were clearly much older than her as children or as people who are not capable of looking after themselves really came across very patronising.

Plus the fact that the Prince was in this movie for probably no more than five minutes and gets all the credit for bringing her back to life by giving her one little kiss. No sir! Snow White should be the main character of this movie and yet he rocks up and thinks he can take all the glory for bringing her back to life, like no thank you! I just I found that very weird and how the movie said they lived happily ever after, do they even know each other’s names? I don’t think so.

And, adding onto that point, and I don’t want to sound weird in saying this but the way that Snow White was drawn compared to the way that the Evil Queen was drawn you could tell that the Evil Queen was a woman (if you catch my drift) where as Snow White was almost drawn to look like a young, pretty teenager and so the fact that she just goes off with this probably late teen, young adult man into a world that she does not know just seems very suspect to me.

To be completely honest I think the seven dwarfs should have warned her about him too and not just the Evil Queen but I digress. While this movie is a staple in Disney films and was, as I said, the original Princess, of course it did wonderful things for the Walt Disney brand and now we have Princesses that are much more headstrong and own their own space. But to watch this movie again I think I just couldn’t do it because it was a very hard watch knowing that her Prince comes in and takes all the glory when Snow White was the one who had to go through everything she did.

Will I watch this movie again? Probably not. But would I be interested in buying Snow White merchandise? Probably yes. I mean, I love Disney, I have grown up with Disney, Disney is a big part of my life. But this movie just left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, looking at it from a 21st-century view, whereas I imagine if I looked at it from a 1930s view I too would’ve been very excited to wait for my Prince to come and kiss me back to life too.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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