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Best Leftovers Ever! Review

Coming out of 2020 I think a big thing that we should be more mindful of is waste and how we are consuming everything in our lives. So to find a show like this which takes disgusting leftovers and makes them incredible again is such a good idea for cutting down food waste.

I know this is just a Netflix show and it’s silly and fun and I shouldn’t take it so seriously but in this day and age where we constantly see food going off and food being wasted, to be able to cut that down so that we are not so wasteful in our everyday lives and thus saving resources and time and energy from this planet, I see as nothing but a good thing.

So this show kind of follows a similar style as Nailed It where we have three judges that are quirky and fun, one is British which I do appreciate, and they bring in contestants each time who do two challenging rounds and in the end one wins $10,000.

The first round is always the same with people being given leftovers from a certain event. So it could be Game Day or Christmas or BBQ, anything like that, whatever is normally leftover you will find in the fridges. In the second round the contestants get leftovers from an event again but each person gets a different thing, so say it was BBQ, one might get BBQ chicken, one might get BBQ pork, and one might get BBQ fish.

I found this show really insightful for me. I’m not a big leftover fan, if I cook myself food I will eat it then and if I have any leftovers they are usually given to someone else, but it was really interesting to see how these people made these leftovers something completely new. They were making Mexican food out of Christmas food, there was stir-fry being created out of Game Day’s seven layer dip – it was incredible to watch and did give you a lot of good ideas of how you can incorporate any food that’s been leftover in your fridge into new meals so that you don’t waste it and don’t waste money either buying fresh ingredients.

If you’re looking to up your cooking game in 2021 this is a show that I’d really recommend because none of these dishes seem too hard or too taxing either. Anyone can make gnocchi and meat and veg, it’s not exactly world-class gourmet food, but it still looks very delicious and that’s the key point here. They are taking leftovers that might not be delicious anymore and turning them into things that are absolutely stunning to eat.

I quite enjoyed this show. It gave me a lot of good tips and pointers on how to use leftovers and also how to incorporate different types of foods into my dishes. Being someone who likes to cook from home more often now then eating out or getting ready meals I can definitely see some of these tips being implemented into my day to day cooking and even passing them onto other people to help them too.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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