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The Pembrokeshire Murders Review

I don’t think I’ve ever hated a serial killer as much as I hate this one.

The Pembrokeshire Murders follows a police team who, after nearly a decade, finally reopen the 1980s murders and 90s assault on a group of teenagers.

There is one man in the line of sight for this case and that is John Cooper, a man who was originally interviewed when the murders first happened as he was seen selling a gold wedding band that looked like one of the victims’, however this was never followed up; and it’s a shame it never was because these crimes that he committed afterwards could’ve been stopped in their tracks there.

So now in the late 2000s the police have more evidence and better quality equipment to be able to pin down exactly who did this. They speak to John Cooper again, who constantly wants to blame his son for borrowing his things, which makes it seem as if he’s speculating his son committed these murders, and this was really frustrating to watch.

John Cooper comes across as a complete narcissist, he clearly has something wrong with him where he thinks he’s better than other people and can take control of them. I think the reason that his wife died suddenly was because he was released from prison and she had to go back to living with him. I think she was too scared to get rid of him but at the same time was also scared of her own safety, and her heart just couldn’t take it anymore.

But the kicker in this crazy story is the fact that one month before he killed the brother and sister that began this whole ordeal he appeared on an episode of Bullseye, which is a dart gameshow that aired in the UK and was very popular at this time.

This just goes to show how messed up his brain must’ve been to be able to go on a gameshow and act like everything is normal and then kill people literally a month later. You can’t be in a sane mind to do that, and the way his son spoke about him, and how horrific his life was and how he now has a disability because of what his father did to him as a child, it is all so disgusting and this man really does deserve to rot in jail.

I think that’s a big thing that this series showed us, was that it’s not just about the victims or the victims’ families, it’s about the murderer’s family too. John Cooper’s family suffered because of what he did and what he was like and no one deserves that. So I do hope, in some ways, that his son is able to live a normal life and be able to distance himself from his father and his reputation in every way possible.

This was a fascinating crime drama and I really do recommend it. I have never been so frustrated with a serial killer in all the crime dramas that I have watched. He is so up himself and believes he is incredible and great and could never do these things, even when there is so much evidence pointing to him. Even him yelling as he is going into his cell at the end is just insane, the fact that he thought he could ever get away with this.

It’s a crime drama like no other and I thoroughly recommend it, but what do you think?

Until next time.

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