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Superstore Season One Review

I wasn’t planning on watching this show, especially as it has five seasons, but I binge watched the first season in two days and I really recommend you do too!

Superstore follows a bunch of colleagues who work in, unsurprisingly, a superstore called Cloud Nine. They all have their own quirks and weird little things about them and it’s a very funny show to watch especially if you’ve worked in those sort of jobs before.

There are plenty of characters in the show but the two we mainly follow are Jonah and Amy. Jonah is a new guy to the store and we see him trying to join in with the fun and festivities of the group while still being quite an outsider, and Amy is one of the bosses who seems to have a lot of secrets that I am intrigued to delve into more as the seasons go on.

We also have other characters like Cheyenne who is a pregnant teenager and her labour episode is absolutely hilarious. We have Garrett, a disabled man who has all the sass in the world that I really appreciate. And the last one that really sticks out my head is Mateo, who is just a bubble of energy and who wants to strive in this job and is definitely one of those very naïve people that come into these sort of jobs that haven’t had their soul destroyed yet.

I really enjoyed this season, it had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of interesting story lines. You really got to know the characters on a deeper level and I think it was really fun to watch and see them all come together in this silly job that they’ve got, that is minimum wage, and see how the power through it.

It had some quite deep bits to it too including how corporate doesn’t care about its workers, how unfairly they are treated, but how that means that they come together more as a group because they have to be there for each other.

A memorable moment from the season was when Cheyenne’s boyfriend proposes to her and he does it as a staged armed robbery and it still makes me laugh thinking about it now. The labour episode as well was absolutely brilliant, it was so funny and there’s so many small jokes in this show that I think you can watch it again and again and still find things that you missed the first time around.

I really recommend Superstore if you haven’t watched it already. Each episode is only half an hour long so it’s really easy to binge and it’s so fun to watch, I can’t wait to see what they do in season two.

What do you think of Superstore?

Until next time.

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