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Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy Review

It’s shows like these that make you never want to trust the government and maybe it’s for a good reason.

Crack is a documentary that looks at the crack cocaine epidemic that happened in the 80s and 90s and how it affected the normal working class people of America and how a lot of it came from the president himself and the CIA.

Crack became a big epidemic in the 80s and it was quite split over poor and rich people. Rich people seemed to go for more powder cocaine that you do up your nose and all that versus poor people who would get crack that is made to be melted down and smoked. Once these people were on the substance, they were on it, it was very hard to come off it, and people were making so much money from this epidemic that they continued to supply to these people even if they knew it was doing them harm.

The scary thing about this was, while it was happening in poor neighbourhoods, the police would be patrolling the area but they turned a blind eye to these dealers. This is because these police were getting paid off by the drug dealers who were making so much money and so they didn’t care, and even some police officers were selling crack on the side to make extra money on top of the police salaries! It’s absolutely insane the change between the police of the 80s versus the police of the 90s which, as it was described in this documentary, are much more like soldiers than police officers.

There were lots of campaigns from Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy and then on to Bill Clinton the George Bush sr. During Reagan’s time ‘just say no’ was the big slogan and people were being arrested but nothing that was to deep or too long a jail time, but then came Bill Clinton and suddenly prisons started filling up…

The disgusting thing is these poor people from inner-city areas were getting five years to life for a few grams of crack whereas the white people who are much more rich and much more affluent were getting no jail time. Five grams of crack for the poor people equalled to five hundred grams of cocaine for the rich, so if a rich person had the same amount of cocaine as a poor person, because it was a different type of cocaine, they wouldn’t get a jail sentence. Whereas the poor person would! It’s completely unjust and it’s clear that race was a factor in why these laws were bought in.

And that’s a big thing looking at America today, once you’ve gone to prison you lose so many of your rights as an American citizen. You can no longer vote, you can’t buy houses, you can’t get a job easily, all these things will hinder you in life and so what are you going to do? You’re going to go back to what brought you happiness in your darkest time and that is the drugs. It’s horrible that these people didn’t get the rehabilitation and help that they needed to better themselves and were instead just chucked into a prison with the same people who are rapists and murderers. Does a person who had five grams of crack cocaine on them deserve the same prison treatment as a person who murdered someone? In my eyes they do not.

The big issue here is that Ronald Reagan was the one who was bringing crack into America in the first place! To think that he was causing the American people so much pain and hurt and anguish when he was profiting off it is absolutely disgusting and it shows that he has no care for the poor people. He cares about his own greed and not about the people that he is in the White House to serve. It’s absolutely disgusting and people deserve so much better.

Now you can say this was an epidemic in the 80s and 90s, but it hasn’t stopped. Now we have an opioid crisis in America, a crisis that is hitting people younger and younger and so slowly over time the drug may change but the way it’s being dealt with by the government won’t. This opioid was given to people as a different drug to get them off of something harder but then they just become addicted to it instead. It’s not helping these people, they’re just making up other things that will keep them down and it’s horrific to see history repeat itself.

What do you think of the crack cocaine epidemic and how do you feel about how the government dealt with it?

Until next time.

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