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History of Swear Words Review

While this show is clearly a bit of a joke and a bit silly it was also very informative and I learned a lot about where our favourite words came from.

Each episode focuses on a different swear word and we learn about its origins, how it came to be so popular, and how people use it now. Of course this is not a show for children and is not a show to watch if you don’t like swearing but if you’re interested to understand why certain words became so bad like I constantly am, this is a show for you.

It’s a very funny informative show. It’s not going to be like one those deep David Attenborough sort of documentary shows, it’s light hearted, it’s interesting, and it’s informative which I think is all great. I don’t really know what you would do with this knowledge that you have now gained of knowing where certain words came from but it’s still nice to know to have some closure on where these words originated.

This show is super easy to watch. Each episode is only 20 minutes long and having Nicolas Cage as the presenter is very fun to watch as well. It’s something that you could easily watch in your free time or have on in the background as you don’t need to be completely engaged to understand what they’re on about.

It also created some interesting discussions about certain words that can be seen as derogatory to certain groups of people and how people have started to reclaim these words back to make it no longer as harmful, and I find that really fun to talk about and see other peoples’ perspectives.

I would recommend this if you enjoy history shows with a bit of a twist. Something a bit different that will still give you information that could be quite interesting to talk about to your friends over a few drinks.

What do you think of the History of Swear Words?

Until next time.

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