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Top 10 Reviews – January 2021

I want to start looking at my monthly stats on my website and what you guys have been enjoying the most, so this is the first one of my top 10 reviews from January 2021!

  1. Should You Watch Bridgerton?

A controversial review about the first episode of Bridgerton and whether you should or shouldn’t watch it. I will say that since writing this review I have not continued to watch any more episodes, read my post to find out why…

2. Superstore Season One

A fun superstore-based comedy TV show that I became a little bit obsessed with in January. However watching season two and knowing there is another three seasons past that one I am becoming a bit sick of it.

3. Most Watched YouTube Videos of 2020

In 2020 I started my YouTube channel again and since April I have been able to keep it up and I am so proud of myself. My goal in 2021 is to hit 100 subscribers so if you haven’t already please do subscribe and please read this post to find out what people have been loving watching on my channel so far!

4. Tag

Tag was one of those movies that I went in thinking it would just be a silly little comedy, but as you delve deeper into the characters and the fact it’s a true story it came across so much deeper. I really enjoyed this one.

5. Most read reviews of 2020

Much like my most watched YouTube videos, this post was looking back on 2020 and what you guys enjoyed the most throughout the year. To be honest some of them were very surprising so I definitely recommend you give this a read…

6. The Prom

A movie I wasn’t sure I’d watch but when I did I became utterly obsessed with it. It’s so heartwarming, yet tragic, yet wonderful all at the same time. I cannot recommend this movie enough.

7. Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy

A look at the epidermic that ravaged America in the 80s and how corrupt the government really was with it all. This is an eye-opening documentary that will make you think twice about trusting the people in charge.

8. The Midnight Sky

I’m not a big fan of sci-fi movies but this one blew me away. From its gorgeous cinematography, to its incredible storyline and it’s beautiful music, it really stood out to me and it’s definitely one I recommend you watch.

9. The Pembrokeshire Murders

A tragic tale of a bunch of murders that happened in the 80s in Pembrokeshire that has been dramatised for ITV. This series was not only very eye-opening but very frustrating as well and definitely made you think more about the murderer’s family then you would in a usual crime case.

10. Revolution of the Daleks

The most recent Doctor Who episode we have been given. Revolution of the Daleks could’ve been so good but I do feel it fell short in a few different areas. Doctor Who really need to work out who their target audience is and go down that path because right now it is a dying horse that maybe needs to be left to die.

I hope you enjoy this look back at January 2021 and it’s given you lots of exciting reviews to read!

Until next time.

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