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Katie Price: Harvey and Me Review

I think it’s disgusting the way Katie Price was always portrayed by the media. This documentary was very heavy and very upsetting to see how much hatred she got from the public when all she was being was a good mother.

Katie Price rose to fame as a glamour model and has since gone on to have a few marriages and a few children from these marriages, the oldest being Harvey.

Harvey has a range of disabilities that include blindness, autism and Prada Willie syndrome which affects his weight. He is now 18 years old and legally classed as an adult despite having the mental ability of around a seven-year-old and Katie has to look into what comes next for him, what does he do once he leaves school and can she get him into a good college that will help him become more independent. Plus the scary reality of how this is going to affect her life and her family.

From watching this documentary you can see how much love Katie has for her son. She put so much work into him, she knows him like the back of her hand, and is always making sure that his best interests are met. When he is looking at a certain college and things get a bit too overwhelming for him she takes him out of that situation and to a place where he feel safe again, which is so good to see because people who have these disabilities can be very hard to connect with and help sometimes, and she is so caring and so patient with him, you can tell that she loves him.

Watching this documentary you really just want the best for Harvey. He seems like an absolutely lovely soul who loves his trains and his family. He seems so happy and sweet and he deserves nothing but happiness in his life and so for his family, especially Katie, to be so downtrodden in the press and treated like a lesser person is absolutely horrific to see.

In this show you also get to see glimpses of her other children. Bunny was the one that stood out for most people because, despite her only being six years old, her understanding of what’s going on around her and her patience with her brother is lovely to see. It just seems like a really nice family household with a great dynamic where Katie loves her children and they love her back and really as a family that’s all you can ask for.

The one thing that annoyed me watching this documentary was the way that Katie had been treated by the press, whereas, where has Harvey‘s father been this whole time? He seems to just completely ignore that this boy even exists and it’s disgusting that he hasn’t had the backlash that she had. She has had to deal with a son with severe disabilities for 18 years and he’s done nothing! I think it’s horrible how women are treated in the press compared to men because it’s totally unjust and completely unfair. Just because Katie rose to fame in an unorthodox way does not mean that she is any less of a mother or a good person. The bad press and accusations should be on the father who has done nothing for his son and not on Katie.

This is a really eye-opening documentary and it said at the end that the family will not know about Harvey’s placements in college until March, and so until that point I do really hope that he gets what he deserves because seeing him in this one college in Cheltenham and how happy he was, was so lovely. When you hear about how he can have violent tendencies and the way the staff worked with him and treated him was just wonderful and I really do hope that he is given the life and happiness that he deserves. Hopefully this will stop the public backlash at Katie and show that really she’s just like the rest of us, a mother who is trying to do the best for her children.

What do you think of Harvey and Me?

Until next time.

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