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Spycraft Review

I was really intrigued to watch this series to learn more about spying and the different ways secret agents worked, but it’s surprising how dull the series made it seem.

Spycraft looks at all the different ways that secret agents work within the field from tiny gadgets and microphones to nerve agents and bunny boilers, there is always an element of something that was new and interesting and that part I really enjoyed, but the actual series I just found a bit underwhelming.

The people that were talking were so matter-of-fact it almost felt like an after-school special where I just couldn’t engage. They didn’t excite me or keep me interested in what they were talking about, it was like they were rattling off a script that they really didn’t care about and it was so annoying to watch because I think what they were talking about was so fascinating but the way it was presented was so boring.

It also makes you think about how much the government really know about you and how you could easily be manipulated by these sort of people. It’s quite scary how much power we give these people just because they’re in charge, when really they’ve just gone through different education and training than we have. Anyone could be a secret agent or a spy so why should we trust these people more than we trust anyone else we see on the street?

It’s also fascinating that these people give their whole lives to this job. I can’t imagine having to seduce a random man to get secret codes from him and knowing that, that might affect my relationship or knowing that maybe one day I might be tracked down when I’m in retirement and killed for what I did in the past. It’s all very scary and just seems so taxing on a persons whole life.

While I think movies like James Bond can make spying and secret agents look so cool, which of course they are, there’s a lot more to it and while the show did delve into those aspects and areas of how having this profession can completely change your life it didn’t do it in a way that really shocked or amazed me. It all came across a bit bland.

If you love movies like James Bond and stuff like that then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this series especially if you want to know more about it in an actual realistic sense, but for someone who was just a bit interested it really didn’t hold my attention so unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend it to the average viewer. But if you already have a hobby or interest in this sort of stuff then I definitely think you would enjoy it, it’s just not for everyone.

What did you think of Spycraft?

Until next time.

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