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Shook Review

An interesting take on the home invasion genre that incorporates the 21st-century world of social media influencers.

This movie follows Mia, a social media influencer who has a few friends who are also in that line of work. One day a social media influencer is murdered and so Mia decides to go home and babysit her sister’s dog for her while she’s out of the state – a random act of kindness.

While Mia is home alone with the dog strange things start to happen including a random dog killer that seems to be on the loose in the area, a creepy neighbour who won’t stop messaging her, and her friends being more and more persistent that she needs to come to their house party because she is the one with the most followers.

The story includes a few twists and turns that make more sense the longer you watch, including genetic disease, fake friends, and the importance of your family and who you have around you.

Without giving too much away this movie really hooked me. It’s only an hour and a half long but did feel longer than that but in some ways I do not say that as a bad thing. This movie had a clear three-part system as there were lots of twists that were happening that would separate each of these parts, and as the movie progressed these moments would make more and more sense.

We found out certain details about different characters and while at that moment it might seem obsolete or small actually could have such a big impact on later moments in the movie. Each reveal was carefully curated and planned out and had a purpose to the overall story whether you realise it to begin with or not.

This movie did feel like it was longer than its hour and a half runtime and in some ways that was good because there was so much to explore, but at the same time there were moments I felt it dragged a bit and you really had to wait for the payoff to actually see the purpose of those moments that you thought were pretty pointless.

This movie is coming to Shudder on the 18th of February and I really do recommend it. If you like home invasion stories this is definitely one that you will enjoy, especially if a lot of your life is spent online either looking at influencers or wanting to be an influencer yourself.

This movie certainly shows you the highs and lows of being an influencer but without making it too preachy while also showing how having friends who are online versus a family who are from your real life can really skew where your relationships lie. Do you base your priorities on who you can get you more out of or who you care for more in real life? Whether you think having a friend with 1 million followers is going to get you much more clout than your own mother for example.

There is a lot of intrigue and suspense with this film and that’s what I really enjoyed about it. But it also had some creepy moments that stuck with me surprisingly for quite awhile after it finished. This was one of those movies that I did have to mute a few times to be able to get through and also had to cover my eyes at the more gruesome points, but it was still very intriguing and certainly shows what Shudder can do as a streaming platform in a really good light.

Are you thinking of watching Shook? Don’t let the name fool you, I do really recommend it and I’d love to know what you think once you’ve seen it.

Until next time.

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