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The Drowning Review

This series started off so strong and unfortunately was completely let down by the ending.

The Drowning follows a family who unfortunately lost their four-year-old child 10 years ago while spending time near a lake. The mother of the child has started seeing a boy who would’ve been her son’s age around town and believes that he could be her biological son.

She gets a job at his school to spend more time with him and I won’t lie, the way that she acted around this boy would make anyone suspicious of their relationship. You hear all the time about teacher/student grooming, and the way that she came across while talking to this boy and spending time with him and wanting to give him after-school classes seems very suspicious to me. I would not trusted her near any of those children.

Thus begins a whirlwind story of: is he / isn’t he her son? Was he kidnapped that day? Who is the man who took him? What happened to his wife? What is he so secretive about? And how can she convince others that this could be her son?

Spoilers ahead

It turns out in the end that the police confirm that the boy is her son and they arrest the man who was acting as his father for the last 10 years. But the main character’s brother is a lawyer, a quite prestigious lawyer, and he was able to doctor the DNA test to show that it was her son when really they were not related at all.

It turned out that her brother actually had a hand in the death of her son as he was the one who was supposed to be looking after him that day. Because he took a phone call and took his eyes off the child the boy accidentally drowned. Instead of bringing this up to his family and being apologetic and the fact that he thought that this would tarnish his livelihood as a lawyer, he simply let the boy drift off into the lake never to be seen again.

And in the final moments of the series the brother dies in the same way.

This is where it lost me. It seemed unbelievable anyway because of how she got the job as a teacher so quickly and how she was able to spend so much time with his child without being suspicious, but for it to simply be a drowning and having this guy think keeping it a secret would’ve been better for everyone is just ridiculous.

How in 30 seconds to a minute of everyone being distracted by other things at this gathering did he manage to try and revive the child when he found him dead, then push the child into the lake in which his clothes got wet (which was jeans and a smart shirt so not the easiest thing to dry), to then dry these clothes and re-join the group; the timings don’t make sense. Plus the fact that the boy’s father was off with his wife’s best friend having an affair with her in the woods literally metres away from where it all went down, how did they not hear any of this? Because there would’ve been commotion with him running into the lake to save the boy and doing resuscitation. It just makes no sense.

There are hints that this might have a season two and in my honest opinion I really don’t think it needs it or warrants it. The ending was a cut and dry ending. What we got wasn’t satisfactory and so why would I want to continue watching a show about a story that has finished and was not up to the standard that the rest of the series was?

What did you think of The Drowning? In my personal opinion it could’ve been so much better but the ending just felt so rushed and just didn’t make sense with the timeline. It’s not a show that I would ever watch again.

Until next time.

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