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Baywatch Review

Who doesn’t love swim suit wearing hotties running in slow motion along a beach? Unfortunately that’s all I can really say that’s good about this movie.

Baywatch follows a team of lifeguards who are trying to expose a drugs empire that is happening right under their noses, but of course they are constantly being thwarted by the fact that they are simply lifeguards.

This movie has a lot of comedic moments, some romance, and just a lot of slow motion and while that’s all fine and dandy and I do enjoy this movie when I watch it, the second it’s over I just forget about it.

This movie to me isn’t memorable. There are certain scenes that stick with me like the explosion at the end or the lad getting his junk stuck in a deckchair and the same guy ordering a salad instead of burgers but apart from that I can’t remember much. It really says something when it involves two of the hottest guys from Hollywood – Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Zac Efron – and even they can’t keep me entertained.

As I said, I do enjoy this movie when I watch it and so I would recommend you watching it, especially if you’re watching with other people because it’s just an experience. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s good. But to watch it on my own again I just feel I go through the same motion of enjoying it while I’m seeing it and then the second it’s over it has no lasting affect on me. It’s one of those movies that is a very simple, easy watch that you could put on for date night (if you know you’re not actually going to watch it) rather than a movie that you can sit down and be absorbed into it and really digest and enjoy.

In no way is this movie a bad one. If you like these sort of comedies with a bit of crime thrown in then I’m sure you’d love it, but for me it just wasn’t one that I would go back and watch again.

What do you think of Baywatch?

Until next time.

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