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Framing Britney Spears Review

When the whole Britney Spears situation happened I was 11 years old so I didn’t fully understand what this woman was going through, watching this documentary however was incredibly upsetting.

Britney Spears rose to fame in the late 90s as a young popstar who came from a small town and grew very quickly.

She had the usual honeymoon phase of all the success and having the hot boy band boyfriend in Justin Timberlake, but it seemed from that moment of them breaking up was when everything just started to unravel…

Justin is a person who leaves a lot of sour taste in peoples’ mouths due to what he did to Janet Jackson. Knowing that he spun this whole cheating storyline to frame Britney as the bad one in the relationship was just as horrible. Britney came across very honest and sweet and a little bit naïve and so to paint her out is this monster was completely unjust.

Then we have the craziness of 2007 where Britney seemed to go off the rails, but really from watching this documentary what you can see is that she was being hounded by paparazzi. She never got a moments peace, every second of her life has been documented in ways that she didn’t seem to consent to, and surely that would drive anyone insane. Imagine you never get a moment to yourself and everything you do is being scrutinised by people who don’t even know you, in my personal opinion that could send anyone off the rails way quicker than it did Britney.

Looking at her through her whole career she seems to be herself. She seems to only want what is best for her and her family and the turmoil that she has gone through by just being herself is horrific to see and she does not deserve any of it.

And this brings us to the conservatorship with her father who wants to have ownership of all her assets and money. Now please tell me, Britney has put out new songs, new tours, she’s doing this, that, and the other, why does she need someone to take care of her? Because clearly it seems she can take care of herself.

It seems throughout the whole of Britney‘s life she’s always been someone that people want to take advantage of. They want to push her because she is naïve and unfortunately that gets her into a lot of situations where she is taken advantage of. She isn’t given the life that she deserves because other people want to control her, but I do find it disgusting that her own father seems to be taking advantage of her when he has no right to.

Britney is a very simple case of getting everything that you wanted and realising it’s not what you wanted at all. It shows that these celebrities are humans too and they can be pushed to the edge and they need to get help when they need it. We shouldn’t judge them for doing what’s best for them. Britney should be able to be herself and be happy and I feel in the current situation with everything going on she can’t be. She’s being controlled by people who don’t have her best interests at heart and she is being silenced in a way that is disgusting and morally wrong.

I hope in the future she can get some justice for what’s happening to her and she can break out again and be who she wants to be, whether that is a celebrity or not. If she suddenly decided to go off the radar and live in a cottage somewhere where no one can find her with her children I completely understand that. The amount of abuse she’s gone through with the paparazzi and the press she deserve some time off from it all. I think everyone who is on the Free Britney bandwagon just wants her to be happy and that’s all we care about, whether she is happy with the situation she is in with her dad at the moment or whether she’d be happy disappearing from the limelight forever, her happiness should be the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and that’s all that should matter at the end of the day.

I also hope that this documentary shed light on how celebrities are treated by the mass population and the paparazzi and hopefully people can get more privacy and be able to do things that normal people can do. Imagine going through a drive-through and you can’t even drive forward because of the amount of people or cameras surrounding you, that’s terrifying and that is not a way that anyone should have to live their life.

What do you think of Britney Spears?

Until next time.

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