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Superstore Season Two Review

I wasn’t as excited for this season as I was the first but then the final episode blew me away (no pun intended!).

Superstore season two follows the same group of co-workers in Cloud Nine as they go through life working in a superstore.

However the first episode was very strange! For some reason we had jumped back in time to when Cheyanne was still pregnant and the workers weren’t on strike yet despite the fact they were at the end of season one because of Glenn’s firing. It seemed really random to have it as its first episode and felt like it should’ve been in season one. It seemed as if it got cut from the first season yet they decided to keep it in anyway, it really threw me off and was a bad start to the second season.

But once we got past that first blip the season wasn’t too bad. It was enjoyable although quite repetitive with a lot of its storylines. It tried to have deep meaningful moments that really just fell short including a gay relationship, abortion, and marriage troubles.

While this season didn’t bring me too much excitement the final episode really did make up for the rest of the season. The final episode sees a tornado rip through the store and you see these colleagues and everything they’ve gone through finally come to a head. It really encapsulated the care that each of these people had for one another and did get me excited to watch season three.

Although I imagine season three will be much like the last two, knowing that the story has progressed in some areas does make me wonder how they are going to play it out and how they are going to keep it interesting. I will say however 22 episodes a season does seem a bit convoluted when not much really happens in each episode. You could easily skip some and be totally clued up on what was going on despite missing smaller parts of the story.

What do you think of Superstore season two?

Until next time.

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