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Red Dot – Spoiler Free Review

A movie that I cannot recommend highly enough. This might be one of my favourites of 2021.

Red Dot follows a recently engaged couple who go on a hiking trip together to see the Northern Lights after their life has become a bit mundane and common arguments between couples are beginning to happen. For example, the man of the couple saying he will fix broken things around the house but never doing it and playing his video games instead.

On this trip with the couple and their dog Boris (who is insanely cute) they encounter some interesting characters including brothers who are hunters and seem very skilled at it, and the hotel owners in which they’re staying for a few nights who have issues with the couple as they are an interracial couple.

One evening they decide to go hiking to see the Northern Lights and sleep in a tent underneath, which is an absolutely lovely date idea but I think I’d never manage the cold. However during this evening and with some other attacks having happened to them including their car being keyed, a person with a gun starts to attack them and the couple soon realise that this is not a random attack but is targeted.

The couple now have to survive in the middle of nowhere covered in snow and ice and freezing temperatures, while also trying to work out who is attacking them. Why they could be attacking them. And how they can escape this attacker.

This film has so many incredible plot points to it. It has twists and turns that in some ways I did see coming but they always surprised me nonetheless and every second of this movie being only an hour and a half long is so valuable to the story. Every second has an impact on the overarching storyline and keeps you engaged with it throughout.

I will say that the biggest issue I have with this movie, which is a personal one, was how gory this was. This movie does not hold back. If someone is being shot, they are being shot, there is blood, there is muscle mass. There are scenes with animals that could be upsetting, but from a suspenseful thriller like this, this is what I want. I want to be slightly grossed out because then that makes the whole thing seem so much more real and the fear that this couple is experiencing is also a fear that I can experience from just watching.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. I had high expectations for it anyway based on the premise but actually watching it and enjoying it I cannot recommend it enough. It blew all my expectations out of the water and could easily be one of my favourites of 2021. This is what I expect from thrillers, this is what I expect when a movie says it has suspense. Every second I was on the edge of my seat and there were parts that literally made me gasp out loud because of how shocked I was at what was happening.

This is a movie that you will absolutely love if you enjoy suspenseful thrillers and don’t mind a bit of gore. There were moments I had to cover my eyes because it got a bit too much, and there were parts where the body parts that were being hurt in the movie hurt on my own body. I’ve never felt tenseness like it and I loved every second.

This is one movie that I will not stop raving about for a while. There were movies like this in 2020 that stuck with me and I believe in 2021 this is going to be a movie that will stick with me for months on end. I will be recommending for everyone to watch it, it’s so well done and so well made, you will love it.

Are you thinking of watching Red Dot? What are your thoughts on it?

Until next time.

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