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Lucky Review

I was kindly sent this movie to review before it is released to the general public on the 4th of March. I have worked with Shudder before reviewing their Shook film and I really enjoyed that one, so watching this one I loved that it took a different take on the horror genre.

May is our protagonist. A woman who lives with her husband and every night they are attacked by an unknown man. He comes into their home and May is usually the one that ends up fighting him off and when she goes to call the police his body is gone.

As the movie progresses and the constant attacks keep happening in this Groundhog Day / Happy Death Day-esque film we learn more and more about May and her character and the people she has around her, including her partner.

Thus begins a story of; what could this intruder signify? He is returning every night, being thwarted by May, and then disappearing before returning again the next day without a scratch on him. What is the point of this re-occurring event? And what does it mean for May and the people around her?

I do have a theory about what this movie may be telling us but as it is not coming to Shudder until the fourth I will not give my theory away until that day, but overall this film was really intriguing and keeps your interest from the get go, and as things slowly get revealed throughout it you start to question more and more what the whole film is really trying to tell you.

It’s a home invasion movie at its core, of course, but it’s so much more than that. There are so many layers to be unravelled while watching this film and I think it’s one of those movies that you could watch and take a different interpretation from it than another person you’re watching it with. It’s a great movie for discussion and to talk about what it’s really trying to tell the audience.

I would recommend this movie although I wouldn’t say it’s the most scary of movies. It is more of a suspenseful thriller that leaves you with theories about what it meant without telling you on the nose what it was trying to portray. It leaves you wanting more and although it does leave you with questions which always annoys me, it does leave you with a sense of wanting to research and find out what other people think of it too to compare and contrast your own ideas.

I would definitely recommend this movie especially if you’re not really into jump scare horror or really terrifying horror movies. It is scary with the fact that this is a repetitive event that is happening and May cannot seem to escape from it, but in terms of cliché jump scare horror it is not that. It is deeper, it is well put together, and it’s a movie that you will want to explore more with other peoples’ thoughts and reviews on it too.

Please let me know what you think of Lucky when you see it. It’s coming to Shudder on the 4th of March and I’m very excited to hear your theories.

Until next time.

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