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Top 10 Reviews – February 2021

February was a great month for the website with a growth year on year of 52 percent! Let’s look back at what reviews you’ve loved this month…


Unsurprisingly Shook took the top spot for the month of February. It is a fantastic movie by Shudder that I really recommend you watch, but read my review first!

The Drowning

An interesting drama that unfortunately fell flat with the ending. Read my review to find out why.

The Dig

A drama I wouldn’t normally watch although I’m very glad I did. The true story is very interesting and although I had some issues with this movie it’s still very enjoyable.

My Mum Tracy Beaker

A new series on CBBC, a place I don’t believe it belongs. My Mum Tracy Beaker takes my old childhood favourite character and turns her into an adult that I wish I could connect with more. Read my controversial review now!

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

I had a lot of issues with this series on Netflix which you can read here, or if you’d rather a visual telling of the series I really recommend my YouTube video on Everything Wrong with the Elisa Lam Documentary (click here!)

Below Zero

A very interesting movie that had a lot of tense moments. I still can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to slowly sink into an ice lake, I very much recommend this one.

Katie Price: Harvey and Me

A touching look at Katie Price and her son Harvey as he goes into adulthood and what the next steps of his life entail for him.

The Vanished

A brilliant movie about child loss and mental health that I highly recommend you watch. Read my spoiler free review here first if you haven’t seen it because this is one movie you want to go into blind.

Framing Britney Spears

An insightful documentary into Britney Spears and everything that’s happening around her. It shows the dark side of being a celebrity and how everything can be torn from you just because of a few rumours speculated. It’s a very hard hitting documentary and one I highly recommend you watch.


A movie that has recently come to UK Netflix. Us is a tale of rich versus poor in my opinion, this review is more of a thought piece on the movie so if you have seen it I recommend you have a read and see if you agree or disagree with my points.

Thank you for an amazing month of February! Onwards and upwards from here and I hope to see you on my website very soon!

Until next time.

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