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Lucky Theory

Read my spoiler free review of this movie here. This review is all about discussing my theory on what this movie is really about, in my opinion.

In Lucky, we see May, the protagonist, being attacked by an unknown man every night while the people around her seem to be acting strange and not helping her in any way in the situation, even her own partner seems uncaring about what is happening to them and almost expects it as a re-occurring occurrence that is more of an inconvenience than an actual brutal attack.

In the end we see May finally over power this attacker, he doesn’t seem to disappear and so she is able to take off the mask that he has been wearing this whole time and his face flashes between a bunch of different men’s faces, and I believe this moment is very poignant because the overall point of this movie is how women are portrayed as people who need help and cannot fight their own battles themselves.

What backs up this theory for me is the parking lot scene where we see a bunch of different women fighting their own male attackers. They’re all asking May for help to get away from these attackers but May is fighting her own and she doesn’t have the time or energy to fight off other people too that are not part of her storyline. We see these other women bowing down to these men and not being able to fight back as May, throughout the film, is able to fight back more and more and obviously in the end it seems she finally beats this person that has been attacking her for however long.

In the first night of the attack we see her husband is the one to save her but throughout the movie her husband disappears, the law-enforcement don’t help her, her neighbours can’t help her, and she has to start fending for herself. So to me this is a positive story arc where May goes from a woman clueless and not understanding the situation she is in to a woman who is able to fight her own battles and fend for herself. It’s a real strong story arc of a woman going from needing help and needing someone there to be her saviour to saving herself.

I think it’s an interesting take on this sort of story we often see in the 21st-century. Women being their own saviours and women standing up for themselves, but to see it in such a brutal way of having an unknown man attacking her each and every night is very surreal and really gets you thinking about how women are portrayed not only in media but in life too.

Women are often seen as people who need help, people who cannot fend for themselves and to see our protagonist go through this change to be able to fend for herself, to be able to save herself in the end is a really positive arc and one that has sat with me for a few days now since watching the film originally.

I would love to know your thoughts and theories on this movie as it is quite a surreal piece and one that can easily be interpreted a few different ways. For me it’s all about women empowerment and being able to stand up for yourself when you have no one else to turn to, and not needing anyone else to turn to either. But I’d love to know your thoughts too.

Until next time.

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