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Red Dot Review

Read my spoiler free review here. This movie is so good you’ll want to watch it blind.

Is this movie the best advertisement for not doing sexual acts in your car while driving? I think it is.

I really enjoyed this film. I found that it kept me engaged and had many moments that both made me cringe and intrigued me, and while it was a bit heavy on the gore side of things I felt that it was all justified.

A couple decide to go away to see the Northern Lights and do some hiking after their neighbour gives the opportunity to them as a present. This couple has been going through harder times after they got engaged and life has turned back into the mundane but there’s also the added secret that the fiancé is pregnant.

On this trip they are hunted down by someone with a gun. This unknown person or people is constantly after them and even does grotesque things to their dog which, to be honest, was some of the hardest scenes to have to sit through. Just a pre-face, you see nothing on screen apart from the aftermath of the attack but it was still hard to watch nonetheless.

The interesting thing about this movie is there is a lot of build up with the characters that we get to see. Along the way we meet the neighbour who has been a friend of the couple and was the one that gave them the tickets for the vacation. We see two brothers who are hunters in their own right and own guns that are immediately suspected to be the people hunting this couple down. And then we see people from the local area who do not condone this couple’s relationship as they are an interracial couple.

So it is thought within this movie that the brothers who do hunting as a sport are the attackers but there is one scene in a cabin where this idea of them being the attackers completely changed for me. For some reason one of the brothers goes up to the cabin with a shot gun on his back but he’s calling out ‘hello’, he’s asking if anyone is there, why would an attacker give away his position if he’s there to kill them? It made no sense to me and so from that point on I knew that there must be a twist because it just didn’t add up and pleasantly I enjoyed the fact that there was a twist in the end.

It turned out the couple had actually killed the son of their neighbour a few years back when they first got engaged and he had been on a rampage ever since to avenge the death of his son. So that’s why he became their neighbour, because he was keeping an eye on them, he was the one who gave them the weekend away so he knew that he can get them in a place where they wouldn’t be found or he could kill them easily. Everything just started adding up and I absolutely adored this twist.

But alongside this twist came one of the most haunting moments of the film. As we know the woman in a relationship is pregnant with her first child and so the attacker decides an eye for an eye and wants her fiancé to use an electric screwdriver to rip the baby from her.

Of course this doesn’t happen but the tenseness of it possibly happening and knowing that if he doesn’t do it she will be shot and killed anyway is horrific. I absolutely hated but loved this scene at the same time, it gave me stomach cramps I’d never felt before and really cemented this movie as being fantastic. It was something I did not see coming and when you saw the fiancé sat on the floor with the electric screwdriver in his hands you just put two and two together and it was terrifying.

This movie took me on a rollercoaster that I did not expect. It was so fantastic and well done and for only being an hour and a half long every second was valuable to the storyline. It shocked me, it disgusted me, but it entertained me overall and that’s what I want from a film like this. It was everything I could’ve hoped it would’ve been and more and really shows how important and how valuable suspense can be in this sort of film.

What did you think of Red Dot?

Until next time.

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