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The Meg Review

How on earth did that dog survive?!

The Meg follows a Megalodon that is found in Asian waters and a group of people who have been working in these waters need to band together to dispose of the shark as it is killing a lot of people.

They bring in a man who had previous experience with the shark but they all thought he was crazy because obviously the Megalodon is supposed to be extinct, so in a way he gets to prove everyone wrong.

When the shark was on screen it was really interesting I really enjoyed it, but when the shark wasn’t on screen I couldn’t care less. I had no connection to this these characters apart from the mother/daughter situation that was happening, but to me all of the rest were just names and faces that I really didn’t care about.

I did however appreciate the twist that the first Megalodon that they kill is not in fact the giant Megalodon that had attacked the base earlier in the film. This shark was huge and terrifying and just awe-inspiring to see on screen! It looked so cool, and comparing the special effects in the first part of the movie to the Megalodon at the end, it looked so good and I’m glad that a lot of the budget went into the shark because it made it seem so real.

Of course I’m going to compare it to Jaws because Jaws is the big shark movie. But Jaws did a lot with suspense, it did a lot with not really showing the shark but giving hints to it and minor attacks here and there. It was all about the suspense, whereas this movie is more about ‘here’s a giant shark, isn’t that scary?’, yes a giant shark is very scary and when the second one came along I did find it very terrifying, but the first one and the squid at the start looked absolutely horrific and I didn’t really care much for. It didn’t evoke fear in me and the only thing that did evoke fear were the jump scares, but they’re going to because they’re jump scares!

I enjoyed this movie. I remember when it came out first and lots of people were saying how terrible it was, and yes there were some moments that I really didn’t care for, but I felt for nearly 2 hour run time it went really quickly and as I said when the shark was on screen I did really enjoy it. I wish there had been more suspense moments, I wish there was more build up with the shark and more moments of the shark doing interesting things, but really I don’t think that was the point of this movie. The point of this movie was to try and be clever and unfortunately it was not and it was a bit boring in most of the film.

Will I watch this movie again? No, I wouldn’t. I thought it was perfectly fine but it wasn’t anything special and it’s definitely not a movie I would watch again on my own. If other people suggested watching it maybe I’d let it play.

What did you think of The Meg?

Until next time.

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