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Behind Her Eyes Review

I heard many mixed things about this show so when I went into it I didn’t know how good it would be, and I’ll be honest, it was incredible.

Behind Her Eyes follows a single mother who on a night out meets a man that she instantly has a connection with, but unfortunately it turns out that this man is her new boss and, double unfortunately, it turns out that he has a wife.

As time goes on we learn more about this man and his wife from both their own experiences and the main character’s experience as she ends up becoming best friends with the wife, yes, it’s a recipe for disaster.

As the show progresses we learn more about the wife’s past. She was in a facility after her family tragically died in a fire and there she had a friend. With this friend she learns how to do astroprojection and it turns out that she can actually embody other people when they too are astroprojecting, it’s incredibly fascinating.

Then comes the big twist at the end which blew me away, I never saw it coming and as it happened I thought ‘this is stupid’, but as it was explained afterwards I couldn’t get over how amazing it actually was. The show really blew all my expectations out of the water and I thought it was just utterly fascinating.

The show itself is quite a simple premise of an affair gone wrong but with the inclusion of astroprojection there is so much more to it. I feel if you went and watched the show again for a second or third time you would notice more hidden moments that you missed the first time and that’s what I love about these sorts of thrillers, the rewatch-ability of them and being able to pick out the little Easter eggs that were hidden throughout that you would’ve missed the first time.

I highly recommend this show if you haven’t watched it. It is an absolute rollercoaster ride that at the start you think is quite simple, it’s a similar premise that we’ve all seen before, but as it gears up it slowly becomes something so much more than what you could’ve ever imagined. It’s just utterly fantastic! Don’t worry about all the mixed reviews on it as I don’t think it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy thrillers with a twist then this show will definitely be one for you.

What do you think of Behind Her Eyes?

Until next time.


  1. Thank you for this review. I saw a preview on Netflix and it was a must that I added it to my list of shows to watch. I am definitely goes to watch this … this weekend for movie night with hubby.

    xo Erica


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