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WandaVision Review

I’m glad I waited to binge watch this season rather than watch it weekly as unfortunately I don’t think it would’ve kept my attention to keep coming back week after week.

WandaVision is a complex story about grief, loss, and holding on to something that is no longer yours. We see Wanda and Vision in a suburb town where it appears they are on a TV show, each episode goes to a different decade and this little titbit I really appreciated.

As someone who loves film and TV this idea seems really cool to me. I thought it was really interesting how well the producers of the show clearly understood the different time periods of sitcom TV and the way that they had little hints throughout each episode of stuff to come was fascinating as well.

As the season went on more was revealed and as we started to learn about what this town was to Wanda, and the army that was posted up outside of it, because what she had done was really captivating. These two storylines held my attention a lot and as things were slowly revealed and more was brought to light it just added to this feeling of what could happen next and who really in this show was the bad guy.

I read online that a lot of people weren’t happy with the ending but from what I watched I really enjoyed it. I did feel the antagonist of the show, not the army but the other witch, was a bit annoying and I felt that she could’ve not been part of it and the army storyline could’ve been more intricate and interesting towards the end, but it’s not my show to write. So while it wasn’t the ending I expected it was an ending that I enjoyed and I don’t see why there was so much anger against it.

I really enjoyed the show although watching it week by week I would’ve become bored. Watching it in one big binge watch I enjoyed it much more and being able to flip from episode to episode quickly meant that it kept my interest much more than it would’ve if I had to wait a week, because in that week I would’ve found other things to keep my interest instead.

My one issue with the show, which isn’t really a show issue but a platform issue, is Disney+. Disney is a very hard platform to watch things on, especially TV shows because it doesn’t have the same functions as Netflix. So trying to watch this show did annoy me quite a bit, but that is nothing against the show, that is against the platform itself and these things just need to be sorted for future binge watching.

Would I watch the second season of WandaVision (if there is one)? Probably not. I only really watched this one because of the hype, and while it lived up to the hype and was very good, if it came back for a second season I don’t think I’m that invested to watch it. I do love Marvel movies but their TV shows just never really intrigue me and unfortunately this is another one that I’m glad I’ve watched and I would recommend other people watching, but I wouldn’t watch again personally.

What do you think of WandaVision?

Until next time.

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