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Oprah with Meghan and Harry Review

I think all little girls dream of becoming a princess one day, but none of us are truly prepared for what is in store with that title. However, watching this documentary, I don’t see the Royals as the main issue with the Harry and Meghan situation…

As we all know Harry and Meghan left the UK to start a new life with their son Archie and unborn daughter. They sit down with Oprah Winfrey to have a chat about these decisions, why they left and what caused them to want to leave in the first place, and it’s a very insightful documentary that not only looks at the Royal family as a whole but also at the British media.

Starting with the Royal family it is clear that there were rift between the family and Meghan from the get go, whether that was down to her race or her past being a divorcee and a working woman it’s unclear, although their comments made about Archie’s skin colour does raise quite a few concerns as to how caring this family really is.

It’s much like the Diana situation where a person has come from a different background that the Royal family aren’t used to, and so they do not know how to work with this sort of person. They seem to have very traditional values and seem to be stuck quite in their ways and so for someone to come in who is outspoken and different and has been raised in a way that seems more 21st-century it’s very easy to see why the Royals will clash with that, because they just do not understand that way of living.

I do think the Royals had issues with Meghan’s race and her background and I think it’s very hard for a woman who is so outspoken and so strong headed to go into a family where it seems most of the women are used as pawns for the husband, and told to sit down and look pretty, especially as this is praised by the British media. If we look at Kate she is often seen as the stiff upper lip, motherly character, who is always by her husband’s side and doing what her husband and the crown want her to do, rather than being her own woman which Meghan is.

I am not saying Meghan or Katie are wrong in this situation, they have come from two different worlds and unfortunately one was able to mould herself into the Royal family much easier than the other, and I think to completely change who you are just for your husband’s family is something that none of us really want to do. Especially in the 21st-century when women are supposed to be empowered and strong and not just their husband’s partner.

But I think there’s more to this story than just the Royal family, yes they seem to have a lot of issues within them, especially how much is shown of Harry and Meghan’s situation and nothing of Prince Andrew who they’re still supporting. But a big issue with this whole story is the British media and their portrayal of Meghan herself.

Meghan said in the documentary she thinks that they wanted a hero / villain storyline between her and Kate and you can completely see it. How they treat Kate with such love and grace and humanity and Meghan as this outsider who is coming from a different world that the British people do not understand, it’s shocking that newspapers will write such callous things about someone when only a few years ago or months ago were writing the same exact story in such a loving way about someone else.

The British media and most media outlets in general are very callous and calculated and they always want the next story that will give them their big break in the industry, and so for them to go down such a horrible storyline with Meghan, constantly berating her and treating her as not an equal to Kate or the rest of the Royal family, I can see why they would do it but that does not make it okay.

Unfortunately we give people who do not deserve their platform they have a platform to spew hate and opinions about people that they know nothing about, and about situations that they’ve only read about in newspapers. I think it’s wrong that these people can say such callous things to such a wide audience and think that’s okay, yes when you’re in the public eye you’re going to be scrutinised and you’re going to be written about, but to make it such personal attacks and attacks that have no ground or reason of being; it would make anyone feel like rubbish.

I do not blame Harry and Meghan for what they’ve done. They’re doing what’s best for themselves and their family and I think that’s so important, you have to put yourself first and I’m glad that Meghan seems to not read the newspapers because I think the stories that are written about her are just sensational pieces that are mostly pulled out of peoples butts and don’t have much weight. It’s good to see that Harry and his family with the Royals are being able to heal and talk and I’m glad that he’s talking to the Queen and he is finally being able to talk to his father more, but at the end of the day they’re not next in line for the throne they have to do what’s right for them and their family, and they have to keep themselves safe because whether they want to be in the public eye or not they’re going to be just because of their name.

This documentary was super insightful into looking at how the Royal family work and how backward some of their beliefs seem to be and how they’re stuck in their traditional ways. But also how the British media need to take other peoples’ feelings into consideration when they’re writing such disgusting pieces on them. Diana went through it when she was with the family and unfortunately it ended in tragedy for her, and I’m sure most of us do not want to see the same thing happened to Meghan, so I do hope as their lives go on and their daughter is born and they carry on as a family they are able to find some peace and some knowledge that they’re doing what’s best for them.

What do you think of Harry and Meghan?

Until next time.

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