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White House Farm Review

I found this series quite frustrating and there was only one reason why: how on the nose the characters were.

White House Farm follows the true story of a murder that happened that involved five my family members, the two oldest being the grandparents of the two youngest, twin boys who are both just six, and their mother.

The mother had some mental health issues and so it was ruled that this was a murder/suicide. However as the case went on irregularities started to show up and slowly unravelled that theory. In the end it turned out that the five were killed for inheritance by the lone family member that survived.

I want to talk about the character of Jeremy, the one who turned out to be the murderer or the one who orchestrated the murder to happen. From the first episode he was incredibly suspicious, he was acting very strangely and he seemed to only have one thing in his mind and that was the money and the inheritance from his now deceased parents.

From the get go you could tell it was him. I was watching the series hoping that it wasn’t him, I was hoping that in someway this would be a red herring and it would turn out to be someone else who we haven’t even suspected, so for it to finally actually be him to have caused all this angered me a lot. It was so obvious! There were no small hints or little things to pick up on in the series, it was just these people die, they think they died this way, oh wait no this guy suspicious, or wait he is the murderer.

The tale is absolutely tragic. Five people died for that money and that was the only reason they were killed, the worst part was the two little boys who had their whole lives ahead of them that was sadly cut short. It’s disgusting to think that their own uncle could do that to them, but the way that Netflix portrayed it did frustrate me and I wish it was a bit more tactfully done, because it could’ve been so much more intriguing to see the show slowly unravel with more and more evidence instead of being so obvious.

That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy this show, I did, I found it interesting. I wanted to binge watch it and I had to watch it over two days because I started watching it late in the evening and even having to stop to go to sleep annoyed me, but I do think it could’ve been more interesting if it was done a different way. Jeremy was just too obvious to be the killer and it’s a shame that we couldn’t watch the show and put on our detective hats and work it out our own way.

I would recommend the show but at the same time I think there are better crime series’ out there. It’s just so sad that this was a true story, this happened in real life, these people lost their lives and they really didn’t deserve it. It’s such a tragedy and I hope they’re resting in peace and I hope Jeremy stays in prison for as long as he can because if he can do that to his own family he does not deserve to be out living a normal life.

What do you think of White House Farm?

Until next time.

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