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Mother’s Day Review

With Mother’s Day having just passed in the UK I had to review this movie, and the first half left me a bit flat, but the second half picked up and in the end it was very heart warming.

Mother’s Day follows the same sort of premise as New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day where we see different women who are all in some way connected going through different aspects of their lives that are affected by the big day.

This includes a mother who has to deal with her ex-husband remarrying and having to share her children with this new woman, a man whose wife died and it is his first Mother’s Day without her and he is now raising their two daughters, and a mother who was adopted and never knew her real mother and so it doesn’t feel like she really knows herself, plus many more.

The first half of this film felt a bit flat for me and I did find the timings in the movie a bit confusing. There is one scene where we see the widowed dad at his gym that he runs and he’s talking to the ladies there who are trying to set him up with a new woman, however, in the next scene he is then coaching the football team that his oldest daughter is on. There were no time changes between him being at the gym and him being at the football ground and so how do we know as the audience that this change has happened? It just seems to me that he is in two places at once. It would’ve made more sense to me if they had added in a scene where he said he had to go to the football club for his daughter or there was a different scene in between these two, but for me this made the movie feel quite clunky and the amount of ad-libbing that was used too definitely pull me out of my suspended disbelief.

But as the movie went on and we learnt more about these characters and them starting to have their arcs to be better women / better men, the film got better and there were a few heart warming moments that made you feel all warm inside. This isn’t a movie I would watch on the regular but if it came round to Mother’s Day again and I was with my mum and we were thinking of watching a movie this would be one I’d recommend, because it is just that sort of story that makes you appreciate who your mum is and makes you proud of the woman you are becoming too.

I would recommend this film if you wanted to watch it with your mum, or on Mother’s Day, or just as a heart warming film you don’t really have to pay too much attention to. The cast is great, the storyline is okay at best, and while it’s not a blockbusting incredible movie it’s perfectly fine if you want something a bit more light hearted or need a good cry with some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

What do you think of Mother’s Day?

Until next time.

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