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What Men Want Review

I really enjoyed this movie and I would honestly put it on my list of top girl boss motivational films.

What Men Want follows a woman called Ali who works in a male dominated space, that space involving sport. Ali wants to become a partner to this company however she is always blindsided by the men around her, and we see throughout this movie that she is often forgotten about or left to the side lines because the men want to take all the glory.

This changes however when she goes to a bachelorette party and meets a psychic there who gives her some tea that is a bit loopy, she goes to the club, having a great night when she hits her head and when she wakes up in the hospital the next morning she is able to hear all men’s thoughts. While this is incredibly terrifying for her at the start she soon realises the power she has and that she should be able to manipulate the men around her to get what she wants.

This movie was very fun to watch, very funny, and had a lot of layers to it. I think, as a woman working in a corporate job, you do often feel blindsided or left to the wind by the men around you and you do wonder how you’re ever going to break through that glass ceiling. But I think this movie gives you the motivation to do just that! Pit the boys against one another and use their strengths as your strength, why should a woman be quiet and sit silently and be pretty when she can be loud and obnoxious and strong like a man? I think in this sort of world we need more powerful women in the driving seat and watching Ali go through what she does it gave me a lot of motivation to do better and to be better to.

Of course all actions have consequences and while it does work out in the end for Ali she goes through a lot of turmoil with this power too. But thinking about having the power myself I think it would be really cool to be able to see what people actually think of me, maybe not your family members and your partners, but random people in the pub or on the street and being able to use their own thoughts against them, to one up them is definitely a power I wouldn’t mind having.

I definitely recommend this film especially if you want a ‘girl boss power move’ sort of film to watch and motivate yourself. This movie in a way reminds me of Legally Blonde where she went through trials and tribulations as a woman too and managed to break out of it and be her own boss. So these sort of movies really do help motivate me in life and I would recommend it to anyone who needs that boost in their life too.

What would you do with this sort of superpower?

Until next time.

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