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Drag Race U.K. Season 2 Review

What a season this was! Watching season 13 of Drag Race US alongside this season you can tell that the quality is so much better from the UK drag queens, it’s astounding.

Season two was full of the excitement that I felt in season one but bought it to another level. There were so many iconic moments in the season including the UK Hun song, Ginny Lemon walking out and all of the craziness to do with the coronavirus. It was a season of amazing things and much like my other Drag Race reviews, I’m going to go through each queen and critique them on how great I thought they were.

Cherry Valentine

So we start off with Cherry Valentine and while she was one of the first eliminated queens because Joe black came back later on in the season she was really fun. Especially with her confessionals and how honest she was about being a Traveller she clearly had a lot of layers to her and I think it would’ve been nice to get to know her more.

Asttina Mandella

Asttina was a queen that knew who she was and she wasn’t apologetic about it. She was very headstrong and while she had a great first episode slowly over time quite quickly that seemed to fall apart. I do feel her confidence could’ve been part of her downfall but the looks that she gave us when she was on the show did justify the confidence that she felt and it’s good to see a self confident queen on a show like this.

Ginny Lemon

Ginny will always have a special place in my heart. They were unapologetically themselves and they didn’t have to prove themselves to anyone. I loved their energy and what they stood for, they were a brilliant queen and honestly one of my favourites from this season.

Veronica Green

I still see it as a shame that Veronica sadly came down with coronavirus and was not able to continue within the season. She was a force to be reckoned with and while she did have some lows she had a lot of highs too and I feel she could’ve gone really far in the competition. I am excited to see what she does in season three.

Joe Black

Joe Black is on these queens that is just hilarious by just being themselves. She was again very confident and knew who she was and what her drag was but she also had a lot of layers to her. She wasn’t just a one layer queen she had a lot of intrigue about her and it’s a shame that she didn’t last as long as I think she could of because her drag that we did see did seem incredible.

Tia Kofi

Tia Kofi was absolutely hilarious! She was so unapologetically herself and she made me laugh so much. She was never going to be the winner unfortunately but she bought so much comic relief to the show that I’m glad she was a part of it and I can’t wait to see where her drag goes in the future.

Sister Sister

Unfortunately for me I didn’t feel Sister Sister shined as bright as some of the other queens, she was still very good and I enjoyed her, but I did find her falling to the side lines or falling behind other queens who had bigger personalities. It isn’t a critique on her, it’s just who she is, but I think for a show like this you can easily be forgotten if you aren’t going to be unapologetically over the top.


I love A’Whora. At the start of the show I really didn’t get on with her, I didn’t like her character, but as the show progressed she really came into her own and I loved seeing her progression throughout the whole season. I thought it was a shame when she went home and I do you think they judges did that lip sync with her and Tayce just to cause some drama between them and to add suspense to the show, but she was a great queen and I imagine she’s going to do some great stuff. She was definitely the fashion queen of the season.

Ellie Diamond

Ellie was an interesting queen. Much like Sister Sister I thought sometimes she could fall to the side lines and not be upfront but I think she was still a good drag queen. Being only 21 she is so talented with her make up and while her looks were quite similar she really bought it to the runway and sold it every single week. I just feel she still needs some more time to grow to become a super confident queen because she has all of the credentials she just needs to believe in herself.


Tayce is an incredible drag queen, she is so full of surprises from how funny she is, to how gorgeous she is and how she can mould herself to different situations. I absolutely adore Tayce and as the series went on I just loved her more and more. She really became a front runner for me and I think she did absolutely wonderfully in the show.

Bimini Bon-Boulash

Bimini was my favourite. I won’t lie, they were the one I loved from early on and as I saw them grow throughout the season I just loved them even more. The second they did a split jumping off of a stool I knew that they were a winner in my eyes. I think they’re absolutely incredible and even though they didn’t win drag race what they have done for the community and what they have done for their own brand I think is going to take them around the world. They are going to be a household name in the world of drag in no time and I think they’re just absolutely incredible. I absolutely love Bimini.

And the winner is…

Lawrence Chaney!

Lawrence was a great drag queen and a deserved winner. I do feel that she didn’t have as much of an arc as some of the other queens, although she was clearly Ru’s favourite. From the beginning she was incredibly funny, she’s self-aware and she knows what she’s doing, she’s like the Lewis Capaldi of drag and I love that for her. She is so strong minded and I think she’s a deserved winner and I am proud that she has achieved this because I do feel that having the win will make her realise how amazing she actually is and hopefully she’ll continue to be brilliant.

What did you think of this season’s drag race?

Until next time.

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