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The Bold Type Season One Review

People always say that shows like Sex Education and Gossip Girl are great for your teenage years, but I see this show as great for your 20s.

The Bold Type follows three women who are best friends and work for the same magazine company: Scarlett. Throughout the 10 episodes they go through a lot of different things in their lives that are both light hearted and fun as well as quite serious and in some cases dark, including love and relationships, friendship changes, and even family genetic disease and sexual assault.

Each episode is interesting and has many light hearted moments that make it an enjoyable watch, this is not a serious show by any means, but it does touch on serious topics that I think should be more in the public spotlight and I’m glad this show doesn’t shy away from being quite raw and honest.

This show is definitely one for women in their 20s, for women who think they should have everything figured out and should have their lives sorted by now. Your 20s should be a time for exploration and learning more about who you are in an adult world, and exploring not only yourself, but your relationships and the people around you too.

At no point should you in your 20s be tied down to anything. If you’re not happy in your relationship any more than leave, if your job is not fulfilling you anymore find a new one, if you need a new opportunity or a new start in life go out there and get it, if you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself – do it! No person should feel like they are trapped when they’ve only been on this Earth the last two decades, they should feel excited for the future and think about all the possibilities that could come their way.

This show is one I definitely recommend if you’re a young adult and feel like you’re lost or feel like you need some connection with something. This show really makes you put your life into perspective and think about the things that you have in it and anything that you want out of it too, it’s not only motivational but very enjoyable as well and it’s definitely a show that I will continue to watch.

I don’t just want to label this show as a woman’s show, I’m sure men could enjoy it as well, but I feel it does have the extra little spark for women who want to break through the glass ceiling and do incredible things with their lives. It’s inspirational to watch these women do incredible things with their lives all in such different ways.

What do you think of The Bold Type?

Until next time.

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