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Yes Day Review

This was a really cute movie and one that I can see a lot of people enjoying.

Yes Day follows a couple who have always said yes to things in their lives. They’ve done crazy things because they’ve always been up for doing it, however, when they become parents they soon realise that the word yes cannot be so freely used and they have to be harsher on their children because it’s for their own safety.

But this gets to a point where the children believe that their parents are being too harsh on them and want some more freedom, especially their teenage daughter who wants to go to a festival that her mum won’t let her go to alone, so in the end the parents decide on Yes Day! One day, if the kids are good prior to that day, they have to say yes to whatever their children want them to do and thus begins a day of hilarity and quite a lot of fun for both the children and the parents.

This movie teaches you that children grow up and you can protect them as much as you can and you can be there for them and you’re still the parents, but at some point you have to let them make mistakes and learn what life is about. You have to let them go to places alone or with friends, you have to let them explore the world, and as hard as it is to do it’s something that every parent has to go through.

It also shows that maybe you shouldn’t say yes to everything but saying yes more means that you might get more out of life. You might do things that you never thought you would do you like paint balling or laser tag or go for a car wash with your windows down. Silly little things like that can make life worth while and give you that sense of happiness, and I think this movie really preaches that really well. Yes you might not say yes to everything that your kids want you to do, but saying yes to more things means you might get more out of life.

I especially like the fact that throughout the day the kids soon realise that they are still kids and they can kind of see it from the parents perspective as to why they say no to certain things. When the son sets off a load of foam in their house he soon realises how much of a mistake that was and he is able to see it from the other side. I think it’s a great movie to watch as an adult and with your family because you can both learn a lot from it and maybe implementing more yeses into your life can make your bond with your family closer.

I really enjoyed this movie. It had a lot of lessons in there and it was just an enjoyable watch. I definitely feel it’s one of those movies that you can watch as a kid and see it one way and then watch it again as an adult and see it another way. It’s really clever in that it allows a lot of different types of people to be able to watch it and enjoy it without pandering too much to one audience. I really recommend it if you enjoy funny movies or you are thinking of your family and doing more stuff with them, especially going through the lockdown that we have and being stuck at home, I know I will definitely be saying yes to a lot more things that will happen in the future once we’re allowed.

What do you think of Yes Day?

Until next time.

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