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The One – DNA Dating Concept

Unfortunately in terms of a series this was one that I couldn’t get into, but I had to talk about the concept within the actual show and how this could really affect society.

The One is a show about a dating company that match your DNA with your soulmate’s DNA, because you have one gene in that DNA that put you together, and within the show we can see this having a lot of repercussions especially for people who met and are together or married through not using this dating platform.

But of course people end up on this matchmaking platform and they soon find out that the person they thought was the one actually isn’t and this, it seems, in the show’s early episodes causes a lot of turmoil with married people who are worried that their partner will find their true soulmate and leave them.

But in my opinion, surely as this is a dating app, if your partner is already on a dating app or is intrigued enough to submit some of their hair as DNA surely that shows that your relationship doesn’t have much foundation anyway? Because why would it matter to your partner whether you’re their soulmate or not if they’re happy with you?

It’s an interesting concept especially with how it works with the marriage aspect of it and people getting divorced because they’re not with their soulmate. This was an interesting thing in my review for Jigsaw from Daniel Sloss, about how people fall in love quickly and young and just push people into being a perfect partner even if they don’t fit, and it’s only when you’ve been with them for a few years you realise that they were never the right one for you anyway.

Who cares whether science partners you and your significant other together or not? Love isn’t just about genetics and science, it’s about feeling and emotion and sparks. It’s about more than just numbers and stats, it’s about you getting on with each other. Yes you might have DNA that pairs you together but that doesn’t mean you have opinions that do, or lifestyles that do. My perfect partner might be an adventurous, adrenaline junkie and I’m someone who likes to sit home, cook and bake, and watch films. We may be perfect for each other but in the grand scheme of things we would never work because with our upbringings we are too different.

I do wonder, with this show, whether it could actually ever happen. Much like the Love Me Tinder review I did, in that I talk about how superficial people are and how online you can never tell what someone’s true intentions are because you can be anyone online, you can make up a whole façade. I’m sure if you met someone from Twitter in real life they wouldn’t be who you expect them to be based on their tweets. Could this be a new angle of having a relationship in the future? Could you be paired with someone with matching DNA and be perfect for one another? Or does that ruin the whole excitement of meeting someone organically, getting to know them, and realising that you do love them?

Unfortunately this show wasn’t one for me. I just couldn’t get into it. I love the concept but not the execution and that’s why I didn’t finish watching it, but I had to talk about the idea of the dating app itself and how that could work in a realistic sense because I think it could be fascinating. If you want more stuff like this that is more reality based I definitely recommend Jigsaw by Daniel Sloss, it’s a comedic live show that has a lot of deep moments and it’s brilliant for putting relationships and love into perspective.

What do you think of The One? If this was a real dating app would you submit your DNA?

Until next time.

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