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The Nun Review

So this movie was a comedy right?

The Nun follows, unsurprisingly, a group of Nuns that live in a church that has a Demon that likes to pose as a Nun and needs a human soul to do its dark deeds on the world. However, before the evil can enter into a human soul, the Nun that it is after kills herself so that it does not have a soul to take over.

Flash forward to when the dead Nun’s body is found and a Nun in the making called Irene and a Priest go to the church with the guy who found the dead Nun, Frenchie, to find out what is actually happening there. This begins the whole story of the evil and everything else.

I’ll be honest, my favourite character of this film was Frenchie because he had no time for anything. Frenchie literally bought a gun to a Nun fight and it was incredible. He was me in this situation where you’re just done with the whole thing and you just want to go home, and he was so funny to watch.

And I feel that’s part of the issue with this film – I just found it super funny. At the start of the film, because I know it’s a horror, I did find it quite scary at parts, but as the film progressed it just got more and more ridiculous to the point where there were scary scenes that I was literally laughing out loud at because they were so convoluted.

That’s my issue with The Conjuring cinematic universe, I feel their flogging a dead horse now. You’ve got The Conjuring, you’ve got the Nun, you’ve got Annabelle, you’ve got so many areas that they’re exploring and it just gets too much, and for it to be a film based off of jump scares and horror and not psychological or slow burn horror, after a while it does just get a bit repetitive and a bit annoying and really, a bit funny.

For only having an hour and a half runtime this movie dragged and I’m amazed that it took so long to get through the whole thing while nothing really happened. There were scarier moments, but at the same time, it was just all so ridiculous and even thinking of it now makes me want to giggle.

Another part that made me die was when the Priest got put into a coffin and the gravestone had his name on it, and then Irene the wannabe Nun cannot find his gravestone to save him even though it’s got his name on it! Like yes, all the bells from the plague and stuff are going off, but surely the gravestone has his name on it and you have a lantern to be able to find it? It isn’t that hard to find, it was just so silly.

This is a movie I’d recommend if you want a horror that should be a horror but is really a silly comedy. It’s over the top and it made me laugh a lot, and while I wouldn’t recommend it as the serious film it’s trying to be, I would definitely recommend it as some light-hearted comedy with a few scary Nuns thrown in.

What do you think of The Nun?

Until next time.

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