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Paranormal Truth Review

This show is one you need to watch if you love anything paranormal.

Paranormal Truth looks at different paranormal entities that we have in our lives. Each episode focuses on a different one from Satanic cults, to vampires, to certain intriguing paranormal happenings like the Cecil Hotel.

What I love about this show is that each episode is only half an hour long but it condenses so much information into it and makes it really intriguing. The one that really stands out to me and the one I found most interesting was the exorcism and Demon episode where we get to look into real life exorcisms and speak to priests and holy people who conduct them and what they think about it. It was also very interesting to think about how exorcisms in the western side of the world have kind of died down in the 21st century and what that means, whether they hold any validity or not.

Another point I found really interesting in this specific episode was how they talked about mental health, and how mental health in the last few centuries could be misconstrued as a Demon, because technically having depression or anxiety etc. is a Demon in your brain and maybe people turned to the church in their time of need because that’s all that they knew.

I really enjoyed this show. It’s certainly different but very interesting. With each episode being about something different, as I said, if you’re only into witchcraft or you’re only into Big Foot then you can watch those episodes and ignore the others and I’m sure you’d find out a lot of interesting things. What I really enjoyed is that they didn’t just look at these things in a paranormal fiction sense but also in a non-fiction, real life sense as well.

The vampire episode was very intriguing because we got to meet real life vampires. People who wanted fangs made on their teeth or people who sucked other people’s blood and they felt this gave them a kick in their own lives as if they were getting a drug high. This is stuff that if you’re not huge into this world of vampirism you may not know and it’s so fascinating to see it explained so well from people who believe that they have some form of vampirism within them.

This is a show I highly recommend. It’s really fascinating but also keeps your interest the whole way through and each episode just brings more and more to light. If you’re into the paranormal side of things then I highly recommend you watch this as it’s just a different way of looking at it that is so smartly done. I felt every time I finished an episode I came away having learnt something.

What is your favourite paranormal phenomenon? I think watching this show mine would probably be witches and witchcraft because of how women were treated back in the heyday of it all.

Until next time.

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