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The Voices Review

This movie was a lot deeper than what I expected.

The Voices follows our main character, Lilly, who was in a car crash when she was young that killed her mother and left her blind, although through this movie I don’t think it’s a complete blindness but most of her vision is gone.

She becomes pregnant, and despite hearing voices all her life from different people, it turns out that these voices are the dead who have a second chance to be alive again through her unborn child.

Now she is in a race against these beings who want to be living again and the actual living people around her too that have some deep secrets.

This movie is the definition of a slow burn. I felt this movie was more drama and wasn’t really a horror or thriller, but it really amped in the second half.

The first half was mainly getting to know the characters and who everyone was and it was very much drama about this woman living with this disability and trying to be as normal as she can while also knowing that her life can never be truly normal, not only with her blindness, but with these voices that she hears as well.

Then the second half of the movie begins and you start to see these creatures who want to be alive again coming for her and it is quite terrifying. I knew this movie was going to be scary but some of the visuals that were used were very haunting and definitely made me wish I had put more lights on in my house.

I love the fact that’s there’s other things that were going on in this film. It’s not just about a blind woman having a child and battling off literal Demons, it’s also about the real people in her life having their own Demons and their own secrets and that was all very fascinating. I didn’t expect this movie to go down the road that it did, but when it did decide to go there I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This movie is a slow burn so if you’re not into those sorts of movies, and I am one of those people that are not normally too, then I don’t know how much of this movie you would enjoy. But I do believe the second half of the film makes up for the first half being a bit slow. Once you start realising more and more of what is happening that’s when you get really invested and it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what could happen next.

This is a movie I would definitely recommend. Much like Hush or Don’t Breathe, it’s a take on something that a lot of people have to deal with i.e. disability and everyday life, and turning it into something that is so much more than just that.

If you have seen this movie let me know what you think!

Until next time.

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