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Top 10 Reviews – March 2021

March was a huge month for me! The website grew 53% year on year and also grew 7% month on month…but what did you enjoy reading?


WandaVision was a show that I binge watched once the final episode came out and really enjoyed it. I did have worries that if I watched it week by week it wouldn’t have kept me as engaged so binge watching was the way to go. But the show was a nice refreshing change from what we have seen from Marvel before and I really recommend it.

Daniel Sloss: Dark

Daniel Sloss seems to be getting a lot of traction at the moment on my website and once again Dark, his first Netflix special, is up in the top 10. I’m not mad about this because the show is fantastic and if you’re into some deeper, darker humour then I definitely recommend it.

Trial by Fire

A horrible movie that is supposed to be a horrible movie. This true story really pulls on your heartstrings and make you see how corrupt the police system is in America and why I don’t agree with the death penalty.

Lucky Theory

A screener that I was sent that I had to write my theory on after writing my review because it had such an open ended ending and had a lot of symbolism within it. I believe this is a proud feminist film but you’ll have to let me know what you think.

Behind Her Eyes

An intriguing series from Netflix that really made it worthwhile in the last episode. The pieces that were put together throughout the show were fantastic and it’s definitely one that, if you enjoy slow burn thrillers, you will enjoy as well.

Fit to Fat and Back

Fit a Fat and Back was a documentary I found on YouTube about a personal trainer who made himself overweight to then lose the weight to see how his clients felt about losing the weight. Yet now I look back on it, this documentary had quite a few flaws, but at the time it was really fascinating for me and definitely shows that mindset is the most important thing with anything you do.

White House Farm

A true crime drama that I felt could’ve been better. From the first episode it was quite clear who the murderer was and unfortunately that tainted the whole series for me. I would’ve definitely loved more suspense and mystery with this one.

Sixth Birthday

March 21st was my website’s sixth birthday and I had a look back on the last year and compiled the top review from each month to see what you have been enjoying reading. It’s definitely an interesting one if you like these sorts of posts.

The Emperors New Groove

The first movie I watched on Disney+. The Emperors New Groove was a big part of my childhood and I loved playing the computer game that I had of it too. This is an old film but if you haven’t watched it in a while I definitely recommend you do.

The Bold Type Season One

The Bold Type is a really interesting series that I feel helps explain the world to twenty something women who feel that they should have it all figured out already but don’t. It’s very impactful and insightful while also being quite lighthearted and enjoyable. It’s definitely one of those series’ I’d recommend if you are a twenty something woman trying to figure your way around your life.

Thank you for another amazing month and here’s to the month of April and seeing what we can achieve here!

Until next time.

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