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Seaspiracy Review

More people need to watch this documentary.

I think it’s absolutely disgusting what human beings are doing to the planet and I have to say, before I get into this review, that this documentary is very hard-hitting which to be honest you should expect from it. It’s not going to be an easy ride and even for someone like me who is predominantly vegetarian, this made me question my morals and what I’m doing and what I can do to be better.

This documentary looks at the oceans and what human beings are doing to the oceans, the animals within it, and the people who work on the oceans as well. It was very intriguing to see this documentary go from whaling to micro plastics to even slavery and how disgusting the whole situation is and how barbaric it is to our planet.

I’m going to break this review down into subsections. I’m going to start off with the plastic side of everything, then look at the animal side, and then look at the industry side. But I also want to comment on the fact that more people need to be informed of what is happening and how big corporations are playing us as normal human beings to think that the world’s issues are all our fault. Yes, we have a part to play in the destruction of our world, but we shouldn’t just feel bad for what we’re doing. We should look at the big corporations too and hold them accountable because while you may be doing 10% wrong they’re doing 500% and it’s horrific.

Starting off with the plastic side of the documentary, this was just frustrating, to know that nearly half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is full of fishing equipment is disgusting. We are constantly being told by the media and the press that we are the problem, that us using disposable straws is the problem, that us eating McDonalds is the problem, and yes maybe we should cut back on those areas because doing so isn’t going to be a bad thing for the environment; but why should we be the blame when these corporations are getting away with 100 times worse than what we are doing? They should be held accountable and it’s disgusting that the finger is always pointed at the little man who is doing everything they can while these corporations do nothing.

It is the fishing industry as a whole that is causing a lot of the pollution in our oceans, from their boats, to their fishing line, to the way they work and what areas they are targeting. Why should we be scorned for using plastic straws that we recycle or change to metal straws while they can carry on polluting the oceans with oil and diesel and petrol and fishing equipment? Plus, fishing equipment isn’t only terrible with them being left in the ocean but are also terrible while they’re being used, they are causing detrimental damage to our oceans, not only the animals but the ocean floor as well.

And I want to go onto the animal side of it all. So the first thing that the documentary looks into is whaling. Now I am super against whaling anyway, because I don’t believe that it does any good to the environment, but to think these animals are being murdered in the most barbaric ways just because certain people see them as pests because they’re eating food that humans also want to eat is ridiculous. But the difference is these whales need to eat the fish that they’re eating, they need to eat that food because that’s all they know, however humans don’t need to eat fish, we don’t! It’s a simple fact that our bodies do not need fish to survive and so why are we killing these animals for doing their basic instinct so that we can have it? The overconsumption of the human race is disgusting and animals are suffering because of it, because we are just too selfish to do anything in our own lives.

The amount of fish and oceanic life that is near extinction because of human beings that think they need to be eating these things is disgusting. These animals are living beings like us, how dense do you have to be to think that animals don’t feel pain or don’t have nervous systems and families and connections like us humans do? Yes maybe it’s not to the same level, but they still feel, they still understand and you’re an idiot if you don’t think that.

We are killing our oceans not only with plastic from us as normal human beings but also the big corporations that are trying to hide it under the rug. We are killing our oceans with the animals that we are taking from it and that will ruin our ecosystem and that will ruin our lives, but the thing is, human beings, selfish human beings, don’t care about what’s happening around them because they don’t think it’ll affect them. You see all the time people don’t care about situations unless it affects themselves in someway. We need to live and thrive with our Earth and with the other beings that are on it and by killing them and depleting their food and livelihood resources, and from polluting the oceans, we’re not doing that and it’s just going to mean as a species we could run out of time to and we could end up in a situation much like them. We’ll end up being killed in barbaric ways from starvation or from global warming etc.

The whole fishing industry as a whole is ruthless. The amount of people that we see that have been killed via the fishing industry in this documentary is staggering and the fact that there are literal slaves being used to produce and collect the food that we put in ourselves in all these different countries is shocking. No person deserves to be a slave and you have to open your eyes and realise that slavery isn’t something that happened back in the 1800s with America and the Civil War, slavery is something that is happening now and even if you don’t care about the animals you should care about your own species being treated in such a barbaric way that they can just be shoved off a boat at a moments notice and no one bats an eyelid.

This documentary has affected me in ways that I did not expect. I knew it would be hard to watch but it’s made me question everything that I do. Every time I recycle I think could I be recycling more? Could I be adding more vegan stuff into my diet? Should I be shouting about this more and telling more people about it just to get the word out to help it become less of an issue? The issue is: people are stubborn and people are stuck in their ways and people don’t want to listen, they want to have an easy life but their lives could be cut short because of what’s happening and it’s disgusting.

You may not think that this situation affects you and so you may not care but I’m here to tell you that it does and it will affect you. It will affect your family, your children, and your children’s children if they’re even able to be. The only person that can start the change is you and you need to hold more places responsible, and we as a nation and as a world need to go up against these big corporations because, while they’re bigger than us, there’s more of us and if people kicked up a fuss or if people stopped eating fish then the industry would die and hopefully we wouldn’t.

What did you think of Seaspiracy?

Until next time.

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