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The Banishing Review

A fascinating film set in the most haunted house in England…

The Banishing is a film about a reverend and his wife and her daughter who move into a house known as the most haunted house in England. In this home they start to deal with spooky happenings that threaten to tear their family apart while also being on the brink of World War II.

This film is unlike most 21st-century horrors in that it does not rely on jump scares or cheap tricks to keep you engaged and horrified. This film is a slow burn but also has a lot of intrigue and mystery to it that really makes you want to keep watching to find out what’s really going on.

While I didn’t find this film the scariest I’ve ever seen it was definitely one of the most unnerving. Just watching it and each moment passing by I just got more and more perplexed by what was happening and it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was really going on and what this movie was trying to tell me.

This movie was different to say the least. It didn’t give too much away but as it did, and the curtain slowly fell, you started to realise more and more what was happening. You begin to feel for this small family and what they are going through but also what the victims of the house have gone through before and how backwards things seem looking at it from a 21st-century eye.

I enjoy this film although it isn’t my favourite. I have a soft spot for ghost stories but unfortunately this one just seemed to be a bit too unnerving and not enough scary, although, if you like slow burn horrors about paranormal activity that have a lot of layers then I definitely feel this will be right up your street.

This film is coming to Shudder on April 15th and I definitely urge you to check it out. I feel it’s going to be one of those hidden gems that you’ll have to watch to really understand just how surreal the whole situation is.

What’s your favourite paranormal film?

Until next time.

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