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The Inheritance Review

Despite having an interesting premise this movie was not one for me.

This film follows a woman who inherits a home that belonged to her grandmother, but when she arrives there she finds out that the history of her family isn’t all that it seems and the house helps her find out what really happened.

This movie is the definition of a slow burn. While the premise of it comes across as if it’s a bit of a thriller it is definitely more of a drama film, and the moments I expected this movie to have in terms of suspense and excitement just weren’t there for me.

That is not saying that it is a bad movie, I just believe I went into it with the wrong idea in my head. This movie has a lot of intrigue to it and if you love slow burn dramas then it will be right up your street, but unfortunately for me I would’ve liked a bit more grit to it as even the big twist in the end didn’t shock me all that much.

Unfortunately this is not a movie I would watch again although, as I said, I do recommend it if you enjoy slow burn dramas with a twist that you may or may not see coming. For me though, it is not a film that I would pick up again, although I’m glad I watched it to try something different.

What do you think of The Inheritance?

Until next time.

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