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Little Review

And just like What Men Want, this movie made me want to boss up.

Little follows Jordan, a business woman and badass boss who keeps her guard up and can be seen as a bit of a mean character that’s all really stemmed from her childhood where she was bullied relentlessly, and so always tries to be one step ahead of everyone else to make sure that she cannot be hurt by anyone.

Things change however when she is transported back into her 13 year old self, and much like 13 Going On 30 but backwards, she has to go back to school and confront the issues that she has been hiding from. Including bullies and making friends and realising that not everyone is out to get you.

This movie is really fun and really inspiring. It makes you think back to who you were before the world told you who you had to be and makes you realise that life is too short to put yourself in a box when everyone else will put you in a box too. You should just be who you want to be and shouldn’t let anyone else’s opinions get in your way.

But that doesn’t mean you can be heartless or selfish with that. You have to put yourself first of course, but along the way you have to realise that not everyone is your enemy and some people do you have your best interests at heart, and you have to be prepared to let some people in. Of course the people that hurt you can be lessons, but the people that you let in that stick by you are really good to have and can make you see the good in the world.

This movie definitely made me want to be stronger in my life. Be happier, hustle more and be the best version of me that I can be. I know who my true friends are and as life goes on I hope it brings me more friends but also more lessons to be learnt to just keep getting better.

I definitely recommend this movie especially if you’re in a bit of a rut or you need some comic relief. It’s one of those films that gives you a lot of motivation but is also a very easy watch that you could put on alone or with your friends and have a great time.

What do you think of Little?

Until next time.

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